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How to cook red beans? Four ways to cook red beans easily

Many people like red beans to cook soup and porridge, but red beans are not easy to cook. The rice that often cooks porridge with red beans can already be eaten. How can red beans be cooked without being rotten? How can red beans be boiled quickly? Here are some tips to quickly cook red beans. They are very simple and easy to use.

How to do if red beans can't be boiled

It's very easy to share some tips for quickly boiling red beans, and they won't fail. Many methods are not allowed to soak for a long time, so it takes less time and has a 100% success rate. Generally, red beans are poisonous, so you can't eat the uncooked red beans, and the taste is very strange. So before cooking red beans, master these tricks to avoid failure.

Long time soaking method and repeated stewing method. Generally speaking, the long-time immersion method should be soaked in cold water for at least 12 months. When it's hot, soak it in the refrigerator to avoid damage. After soaking, rinse the red beans, put them into the pot and bring to a boil. Then remove the foam. Simmer in a low heat, and soon the beans will be rotten. Boil red beans in a pressure cooker. They rot faster. Simmer repeatedly. Red beans directly into the pot to boil, cool, and then boil, cool again, as if three times, you can directly boil red beans, do not have to soak for a long time.

Soaking in boiling water. Wash the red beans directly, bring the water to a boil, put them into the pot, cook for 3-5 minutes, turn off the fire and soak for 30 minutes, then open fire and cook for more than 10 minutes, then the red beans are cooked. That is, saving time is simple.

Pressure cooker. The pressure cooker can cook red beans quickly without soaking. After boiling over high heat, simmer over low heat for 15 minutes.

freezing. After washing the red beans, soak them in clean water for 30 minutes. Then divide the red beans into small bags and put them in the refrigerator for freezing. Take them out when they are cooked. After a little cooking, they will soon rot.