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How to answer a fool's Day confession? April Fool's Day confession message collection

How many people, in the heart of silent like another person, dare not express, when the feelings of youth ignorant quietly sprout, and how many people use April Fool's day to her beloved confession, only April Fool's day can speak the truth, today's small make up for you a reply of April Fool's Day confession, and a message of April Fool's Day confession. I hope I can help you.

Answers to the April Fool's Day confession

1. You can clearly tell him (her) that you are very serious about your feelings. Since you have expressed your feelings, I will always remember your expression. Such an answer can be defensive or offensive. You know, the initiative is in your hands.

2. Marry me if you like. Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau immediately to see if he is cheating.

3. Can be euphemistic refuse, April is not suitable for falling in love, later said, if you like you will express.

4. I have long wanted to express myself. Happy April Fool's Day!

5. True or false, I'm not stupid, but in April Fool's day, make me happy? Also can say, oh, what?

It is said that April Fool's Day originated from a famous Greek myth. But there is another legend about the origin of April Fool's day. In the middle ages, most Christian countries used the Julian calendar to celebrate New Year's day from March 25 to April 1. According to the custom of giving gifts to each other on April 1. In 1752, the Gregorian calendar was promulgated and the new year moved to January 1. But the old customs are hard to change, and people are still willing to send gifts to others on April 1. This' New Year 'itself is false. Later, some pranksters simply turned gifts into fake ones. It's a box of snacks, maybe a stone inside. He claimed to visit, but let the host wait for a long time. The cheated people are not willing to take revenge according to the prescription. Over time, April Fool's Day is formed.

April Fool's Day confession message

1. I think I've known you for a long time. You are special, extreme, very, rare, different and stupid. You are so stupid that I don't even know how I like you;

I'm sorry! I accidentally sent you to your mobile phone. If you accept it, please keep it. If you don't accept it, please send it back to me

I had a dream last night: God told me that I am doomed to be lonely in this life. There is only one way to crack it: Send a short message to ten idiots. I cried at that time: God, I only know you. I'm finished.

Let me tell you a big secret.... It turns out that Conan is Shinichi Kudo ~ ~ ~ and ~ ~ ~ it turns out that the kite can fly because of the cable ~ ~ ~ it turns out that I have been secretly in love with you for a long time....

5. A: I've been keeping one thing from you. B: what's the matter? A: I'm & hellip; I seem to like you & hellip;

6. I miss you during the day, miss you at night, eat and dream of you. It's hard to fall asleep every day and I'm suffering. A thousand words turn into a sentence: when can I get your & hellip; & hellip; 5 million prize? Happy April Fool's Day!

7. I think I have known you for so long. You are special, extreme, very, rare, extraordinary stupid, and cute. Hee hee, don't be angry! Happy April Fool's Day!

8. It's absurd to pull up seedlings and encourage others, but it's reckless to cover one's ears and steal one's bell. It's a clever plan to borrow an arrow from a straw boat, but it's a decisive battle to break the bridge and sink the boat. Romance is romantic, sacrifice is dedication. If you continue to look down, you are a fool! Happy April Fool's Day!

9. The lady is the overlord, and she is responsible for all kinds of disasters. After I have trained my skills, I can succeed in my career and serve my parents. I will surely give my life to arrest her and take her to the Civil Affairs Bureau. Happy April Fool's Day!

If I were a judge, I would sentence you to life imprisonment. Imprisoned in my heart. Happy April Fool's Day!

11. The feeling for you is a simple natural index, you can differentiate several times, and the constant is always the same & hellip; if you like, you can also integrate, but there will be a constant, and that constant is equal to - I love you.

Let me always smile for you, let me always smile for you!

13. The feeling for you is a simple natural index. You can differentiate several times, and the constant is always the same & hellip; if you like, you can also integrate, but there will be an extra constant, and that constant is equal to - I love you.

14. I am a lonely tree, standing on the roadside for thousands of years, waiting lonely, just for one day when you walk by me, I will fall for you, if I can't smash you, I will live in vain. Happy April Fool's Day!

15. I've always wanted to say three words to you, but you know the weight of it. I'm afraid once I say it, we don't even have to be friends. But I can't control my feelings. I have the courage to say to you: you are a pig. Happy April Fool's Day!

16. The first time I saw you, I was deeply attracted by you. I have an impulse to take you home. I long to hold you to sleep every night and wake up in the morning to see you beside me & hellip; & hellip; pillow!

17. When I saw you for the first time, I was deeply attracted by you! Your lovely face and elegant sitting posture on the sofa made me excited! Especially your lazy voice: meow & hellip; & hellip;

18. Can we keep in touch when our hair turns white, our teeth become loose, our eyes become blurred and our skin wrinkled? I tell you, even if my memory is blurred, I will remember you as an idiot.

19. Dear, 'scan' to you, my love 'program' will 'start', others say that we are 'compatible'. It belongs to 'hyperlink'. Especially in the days when we met, our feelings quickly 'upgraded'. Happy April Fool's Day!

If God asks me to make three wishes, the first one is to be with you in this life, the second one is to be with you in rebirth, and the third one is not to be separated from you forever. Happy April Fool's Day!