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What do you mean by licking a dog? The origin and source of licking dog

Nowadays, with the rapid development of the Internet, many netizens have strong ability to make words. Do you know what licking dog means? Licking dog is a common Internet buzzword. Do you know what the word licking dog means? For the first time I met a little friend, is it stupid? Today, let Sihai Xiaobian explain it to you.

What does "lick dog" mean

As an Internet language, the word refers to those who kneel and lick others without dignity. There are usually two usages. One is to describe a person who knows clearly that the other party doesn't like him in the relationship between the two sexes, but also repeatedly uses his hot face to stick his cold ass without dignity and bottom line. In a more straightforward and vulgar way, we can understand it as a kind of cheap. The other is to describe people who flatter and flatter without principle and bottom line.

Where does lick dog come from

The word first came from tieba and first appeared in 2016. Until now, it has become a common Tucao language used by everyone make complaints about it. Even now there is a special lick dog bar, as the other extreme of the spare tire.

Lick dog expression pack

After the word became popular, it was made into a related expression pack by netizens, and was warmly welcomed by everyone, and was widely used and reprinted. One of the more popular is' promise me, don't be a licking dog, OK 'expression pack.

Lick the dog

If we have said so many explanations above that it is difficult to understand, you will understand the common quotations of "licking the dog" here

How about being together? I must be nice to you. Come out for dinner? Haidilao? Do you like me? I miss you day by day. Would you like to talk with me? I want to have a video for a minute. I feel like dying. It's hard to love someone. Would you like to give me a message? Good night and good morning.