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What are the blessings of White Valentine's day? White Valentine's Day greetings sweet words

Every month there is a Valentine's day, and the name of each month's Valentine's Day is not the same, this month's Valentine's Day is called White Valentine's day, so what are the White Valentine's Day blessing? Let's learn about it.

Best wishes for Valentine's day in 2019

1. You whisper you love me, let me close to your chest, gentle words gently touch my heartstrings, the world belongs to us two, our hearts are closely linked. Happy white valentine's day, baby

2. You quietly do everything for me, heaven and earth know, I know! For this quietly soft warmth, in the world of mortals, I am not afraid of beauty fade, always in the expectation of spending a long night slowly, can not regret. Happy Valentine's day to you!

3. I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I miss you, I mean I love you wholeheartedly, you are always the most important in my heart. White Valentine's day, miss you!

4. I can't leave you with my love when the spring rains bloom. Unforgettable your dimple, infatuated with you more, just want to hold your hands, share a happy life!

5. Thank God for giving us the opportunity to meet, thank you for giving us the opportunity to know each other, to know each other and to love each other, and thank you for giving me the opportunity to take care of your life. On March 14, white valentine's day, I wish you happiness all the way.

6. With a lifetime of love, a lifetime of hand, a lifetime of road, a lifetime of missing, send a lifetime of love. Happy white valentine's Day!

7. You are serious and lovely, your boasting expression is real, your creative decision is talented, your weak side is pitiful, your spoof is strange, you are a multi-faceted baby, let my time rich and colorful, I love you. Happy white valentine's day.

8. The kitchen bowl jingle, your figure around the rice fragrance; the living room short home, your smile reflects the light; arm warm flow, pillow exhort into sleep. Dear, happy white lover, love you for a long time.

9. Young couples are always with each other. They are holding hands all the way. There are many trials in the wind, frost, snow and rain. It's romantic to beat, scold and scold. Happiness is becoming more and more simple, chatting and playing after dinner, seeing you in a short message on Valentine's day, and wishing you a beautiful wife!

10. Pure blessing, pure wish, thick joy, thick affection. Overflowing flowers, rich chocolate, in this romantic moment, bring me a thick Valentine's Day greetings, Happy Valentine's Day!

11. Life is not long, I want to hold your hand; life is not long, you make me happy. Today is March 14, 2019 'White Valentine's Day', even God told me - love you for life!

12. Being missed is warm; being cared is happy; being loved is exciting; being spoiled is happy. And you are the one I miss, care for, love and spoil. I wish you a happy new year and Valentine's Day!

13. Dear, I've bought the ticket: the starting point is this life, the end point is forever; please abide by the rules of eternity when you get on the bus. People and hearts can't lean out of the car at will, and don't jump in the middle of the car! Happy Valentine's day, dear!

14. Fall in love with you at first sight, lock you without saying a word, lucky to catch up with you, four seasons love you every day, five zang organs and six lungs miss you. Dear, it's Valentine's day again, I can't live without you! I love you!

15. My love for you can last forever, my love for you can go through time and space, persistence is my promise to you, eternity is my oath to you, my love for you will never change, until the sea withers and the rocks crumble! Dear, I love you!

16. Thousands of love, thousands of love, wish you a good mood every day; thousands of hearts, thousands of hearts, give you my heart every moment; thousands of love, thousands of love, this life can only love you; thousands of yuan, thousands of yuan, this life you are yuan! Happy Valentine's Day!