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What is Suning arbitrary payment? Suning willful pay can use credit card repayment

At present, like a raging fire in the consumer financial market, the major business operators are in the process of Alipay consumer's spending, the Jingdong's Jingdong white line and Suning's capricious payment are similar products of "first consumption and then payment". As for wayward payment, can Suning wayward payment be repaid by credit card?

Willful payment is a small consumer loan launched by Suning consumer finance company. Consumers can use the product to pay when shopping, enjoy 30 days interest free (fee), installment repayment, amount increase, flexible use and other services. The interest free period of willful payment is 30 days, and the maximum amount can reach 200000.

Suning can only use the bank savings card in its wayward payment mode, but the credit card repayment is not feasible. Similarly, Huabei can not use the credit card repayment. At present, only Jingdong Baitiao can use the credit card repayment of industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, construction Bank and other domestic mainstream banks. PS: China Merchants Bank and Bank of communications are not allowed to return the note.