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Is it worthwhile to pay 90000 yuan to help you "retire"? New pension policy for farmers in 2019

When a person is old, he still needs certain measures for providing for the aged, especially for the rural elderly. When they are young, they often go to work in the field, so their legs and feet inevitably leave sequelae. Coupled with the lack of nutritional value, they are extremely prone to lack of calcium. Therefore, China has always attached great importance to the policies on providing for the aged. So is it worth paying 90000 yuan to help you retire? Let's learn about the new pension policy for farmers in 2019.

As we are going to say today, we should pay 90000 yuan at one time, and then pay the farmers a regular pension. Do you think it is cost-effective? After all, 90000 yuan is not a small amount, but it is not easy for farmers to provide for the aged. Let's calculate it today.

First of all, the 90000 yuan is really too much. Since it is in the countryside, how many families can take out 90000 yuan at will? Most of them have limited income. Hard work and farming are their only income. If the family has some savings, it's only tens of thousands of yuan, and if the two old people have to pay it, it's 180000 yuan, which is a huge amount for the average rural family. After all, it's impossible for the family to save all the money these years for their own pension, and they have to leave something for their children, right?

Secondly, we still need to calculate the return profit. We pay 90000 yuan. If we start to calculate from the age of 60, we will get at least 1400 yuan a month. We need to get back 90000 yuan for 13 years in a row. Then we can start to calculate your profit. Let's not say whether the old people can live safely for more than ten years without accidents, even at that time, unless they are from Changshou village, It's really hard for ordinary people to say how long they can enjoy it.

So we should have a number in mind, but this time we are just an objective algorithm. We should combine the specific situation of our own family. If the conditions are OK, it is necessary to pay the money. But it is better for the children to pay more attention. After all, what the elderly need most is the company of their relatives.