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TV plays are very good. Do you have novels? All very good. What's the end result

A family ethics play "all very well" is in the hot air, and it has been updated for 22 episodes. This play is starred by Yao Chen, Guo Jingfei, Ni Dahong and other actors. Many people have a new understanding of Yao Chen because of this play. It can be seen that Yao Chen has a very good command of Su Mingyu's role in the play. Recently, some netizens have asked whether they have novels, whether they are adapted from novels, and what's the ending of novels? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

All very good. Is it a novel adaptation

The TV series "all very good" is adapted from the novel, according to the novel of the same name of a Nai. The play mainly tells the story of Su Mingyu, a career gold collar, growing up on the edge of her family and growing up in a lonely and twisted environment. A total of 46 episodes of TV play "all very well" will be broadcast on March 1, 2019.

It is reported that the original novel "all very well" is a book about family relations of professional women. It tells the story of Su Mingyu, a golden collar girl who was not welcomed by her family since childhood. She grew up in a lonely and twisted environment and achieved success through her own efforts. However, she was forced to face the abandoned family again and again and offered her help and hurt her Those who have harmed themselves are warm, while those who have humiliated themselves are hopeful. And Su Mingyu, also in this kind of suffering and entanglement, understood the essence of family affection, the power of blood & hellip; & hellip;

All very good. What's the ending of the novel

It is understood that Su Mingyu's family love in the ending of the novel "all very good" can not go back, but the ending of love is relatively satisfactory.

However, the description of the ending of the novel is not particularly obvious, according to netizens who have read the original novel. In the final ending of the original novel, people feel a little angry, but also feel helpless. The final ending also implies the uncertain direction of the development of the final story. A lot of people think it's hasty, but I think it's very good. After all, life doesn't have a certain ending. That ending is already very good. There are no bad people in the whole book. What's more, Mingyuan is not. Su Daqiang's selfishness is actually punished by life. Mingyu can face the past confidently and face everyone she doesn't like in two. She knows that she is recovering. Don't be afraid of the relationship with other people in the Su family. Since they are all surnamed Su, how can they avoid it. We can't pick up the family affection. Let's make contact with each other as light as water. She doesn't have high hopes or hate to the bone. She and Shi Tiandong are happy.

Mingyu is unfortunate, but she is also lucky. The misfortune of her childhood has created her character. Her independence also has a good ending.

Mingyu in the TV play is played by Yao Chen, a powerful actor. As for whether the role in the TV play will be changed, let's wait for the TV play to be broadcast!