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What should I do if my hair is dry and manic? Let me tell you some tips

When it comes to dry hair, many friends are worried about it, especially the female friends. When they see their dry hair, their mood suddenly becomes not beautiful. They love beauty. No matter how they dress, it's the pursuit of every girl to have a soft hair. But the hair quality of each person is different. If you want to make it not dry, it's not the same , but take a little thought. Today's news editor will tell you some tips for making your hair soft.

First of all, let's understand the reason why the hair is dry and manic. Generally speaking, dry hair and manic hair appear on female friends with long hair. Why? Generally, the hair grows slowly, and the nutrition of cortex layer will be insufficient. What's more, we like to burn and dye the hair frequently, which is very harmful to the hair. Let the cortex The absorptive capacity of the layer becomes weak, and the hair will dry up slowly, especially in winter.

Well, the previous editor said so much, and then it's the focus of today's news. In general, people go to the barber's shop, although it can achieve a good effect to be smooth, but this kind of small knitting is not recommended. The best way is to take care of your hair slowly. Although it takes a little longer, the effect is permanent, so we should stick to it. For example, when you wash your hair at ordinary times, you should pay more attention to some small details. First comb your hair and then wash it. When you wash it, don't push it too hard. Pour the shampoo lotion on your hands, rub the foam, and rub your hair gently.

Of course, we just need to pay attention to the above, and we need to pay more attention when choosing shampoo. Don't choose the kind of shampoo containing silicon, which is harmful to hair.