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How did Su Mu die? The mystery of the death cause of Su Mu

"All very well" is on the air. In the play, Su Mu is a very unpopular character, favors boys over girls, dotes on her son, and is very bad to her daughter, and then she dies. It's all very good. How did Su's mother die? Some people say Su's father killed Su's mother. What's the truth about Su's mother's death? Let's have a look!

Everything was very good. How did Su Mu die

In all very well, Su's mother suddenly suffered from a large area of heart infarction due to excessive fatigue and emotional excitement in playing mahjong.

The reason why Su's mother died was that she played mahjong continuously for ten hours, and finally died of fatigue and excitement. It seems that playing mahjong is risky. Please don't overdo it.

However, in the face of Su's mother's death, the three children's performance is different, and her performance is too indifferent. She feels that her mother's death has nothing to do with her.

On the surface, Su's family was so beautiful that her mother suddenly died and fell apart. Su Mingzhe, the eldest brother, came back from the United States immediately after knowing the news of her mother's death. But Wu Fei, his sister-in-law, said that he didn't have to go back. His house had just been mortgaged for interest. At this time, he was afraid that his job would not be guaranteed. Su Mingyu, the third daughter, was colder than Wu Fei.

When Su's mother dies, Su Mingyu catches up with Mingzhe, her elder brother, who comes back from the United States. Mingyu is busy with her work and has no time to worry about her elder brother. Mingzhe is very critical of her sister's indifference, and she is also upset about her mother's sudden death. Su Mingyu put the rest of her mother's affairs with money, but she didn't have any expression when she told her elder brother about the whole process of her mother's death. She seemed to be talking about other people's affairs. She had not seen her elder brother Su Mingzhe for more than ten years. Su Mingzhe felt that she had changed a lot.

After all, her mother passed away. As a daughter, she had no expression at all, which was a bit unreasonable. Su Mingyu and her second sister-in-law, Julie, also met for the first time, but they were very unfamiliar. Because of her indifferent attitude, she almost quarreled with her second brother-in-law Su Mingcheng. In the face of Su's mother's death, Su Mingyu is indifferent, but Su Mingzhe is helpless. Wu Fei only has his own interests in his eyes, and Su Mingcheng is a "wall grass". However, the story of this family has just begun. The family of two sons and one daughter is not easy! It's really a portrayal of many families.

Everything was very good. The reason why Su Mu died

"All very well" is really worthy of attention. Such works, because they are too real, have also attracted many people's attention. Such works are basically the participation of people with great acting skills. For example, the heroine is Yao Chen, the soul of the play, and a girl who has not been loved since childhood. Because of the family's patriarchal ideology is more serious, so, Yao Chen plays Su Mingyu, everywhere are sacrificed people. Whether you go to school or work, you will not pay too much at home. Such a reality, some people sigh, that is, too real.

The departure of Su Mu is the starting point of the story. In such works, according to Su Mingyu's description, the process of Su's mother's death is like this: "after a massive myocardial infarction, Su's father didn't dial 120 at the first time, but went to his neighbor to help him call a taxi. As a result, the rescue time was delayed because of frequent rejection. By the way, Su Mingyu also said, "my father is in a big mess." that is to say, such things seem to be covered up in this way. However, a careful analysis shows that for a person's instinct, illness should be hit 120. Why is such common sense forgotten? Moreover, after the event, Su's father did not dare to go back to his old house. Obviously, he was suspected of being sorry for his wife.

A detail in "all good" is worth dissecting. The death of Su's mother is very strange. Su Fu or the murderer. That is to say, he has been wronged all his life. He has been "hen pecked" all his life. In this case, his forgetting 120 may have been intentional. Therefore, it is easy to explain why he did not dare to go to the ancient house. However, this is only a conspiracy theory, but it is not the truth, I am afraid no one knows.