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What does the method that alleviates cold fever quickly have?

Many people will encounter some small problems in their life, such as a cold or a fever. But when we have a cold and fever, how can we relieve the symptoms of fever and cold quickly? These methods are certainly useful:

One, drink more hot water. Hot water is very beneficial to the body. Hot water can warm the body, promote metabolism, speed up urination, and drain toxins and excess water from the body when you have a cold. Drink more cold boiled water when you have a fever. Boiled water can lower the temperature when you have a fever, and it can also play a relative role. Speed up the sweating, can quickly reduce fever. Drink more water and urinate more is a good way to take away heat from your body. Drinking ginger water is also a good choice. It can warm your stomach. Slice or chop ginger and add brown sugar to cook it. It can relieve a lot when you wake up after sleeping.

Second, soak feet in hot water. Acupoints of feet affect many parts of the body. Soaking feet in hot water can stimulate acupoints of feet. Or put sliced ginger in hot water and soak feet in ginger water. It can also accelerate the process of perspiration and reduce body temperature.

Third, apply cold towel on forehead and lower body temperature by physical cooling method, which can be used together with the above methods. Cold towel wet compress can alleviate the low heat of the head, so it has a certain effect on lowering the body temperature. When the towel becomes hot, continue to wet it with cold water until the head is no longer so hot.

Fourth, if you can't do it, you must take medicine by injection, but you must not take medicine by injection easily. Easy to reduce the body's immunity, more likely to affect their own health. Be sure to take medicine according to your own disease. Do not take medicine randomly.

Fifth, pay attention to exercise in daily life. In daily life, eat less spicy, greasy and stimulating food to enhance your immunity.