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Job's tears red bean porridge dehumidification effect is good? How long can you eat it

Fast to summer, is not a lot of sister paper began to lose weight? In general, red bean barley porridge can go to moisture. Red bean and job's tears have the effect of promoting water and removing dampness. They can remove dampness by cooking porridge together. So how long can congee with red beans and job's tears take effect? Let's get to know it.

Can red bean and job's tears congee go to moisture? Red bean and barley porridge can be wet.

It not only has the effect of invigorating the spleen and removing dampness, but also has the effect of clearing away dampness and dampness.

The reason why red bean barley porridge can remove moisture is that environmental factors and improper eating habits lead to moisture entering the body. In this case, it is easy to damage the spleen, and the water and humidity in the body can not be effectively transported out of the body, so as to make the excess water gather in the body, break the balance of the body, and appear edema phenomenon. Red bean and job's tears porridge has the effect of invigorating the spleen, benefiting the stomach, promoting diuresis and detumescence. It can repair the spleen and expel the excess water from the body, so as to achieve the effect of dehumidification.

How long does red bean job's tears congee go to damp effective?

The dehumidification effect of red bean job's tears porridge varies from person to person, which is related to the severity of moisture in the human body and the absorption of red bean job's tears by the body. Generally speaking, one month is usually effective. If there is no effect after a month, we should see if our constitution is suitable for drinking red bean and coix gruel, and go to the hospital for examination and treatment as soon as possible.

What person suits to eat red bean job's tears congee? Red bean job's tears can be dehumidified, but not all moisture can be drunk. There are many reasons for dampness, including dampness heat and dampness cold.

1. If it's mild damp heat constitution, you can drink Adlay to remove moisture.

2. But if it's wet and cold, it's better to stay away from red bean and job's tears. Because red bean and job's tears belong to the cold nature, the cold in the body of friends with wet and cold constitution is heavier, eating red bean and job's tears porridge will only aggravate the symptoms.

3. Red bean and job's tears can not be drunk by all people, because of its cold nature, it is not suitable for menstruation and pregnant women.

The processing materials of red bean and coix rice porridge are as follows

Red beans, job's tears, water, rock sugar


1. Congee of red beans and coix. Prepare the same amount of red beans and job's tears. After washing, the red beans need to be soaked for about two or three hours, and the job's tears can be soaked for one hour.

2. Then boil the red beans first, because it takes a longer time. After boiling, add some cold water, and then add cold water after boiling. In this way, red beans are easy to blossom and ripen, and are said to be more fragrant.

3. After the red beans are boiled and blossomed, add the job's tears, boil them over high heat, and boil them over low heat until they are sticky. Then add rock sugar to taste.