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How can Apple restore wechat chat records? Wechat record recovery method of Android version

Wechat chat is no longer a way for young people to communicate. Men, women, old and young like to use wechat to contact. How do many people restore their wechat chat records?

How to restore wechat chat records of Apple mobile phone

1. Connect the phone that needs to restore chat records to the computer, and back up the phone data with iTunes. Open the browser to download and install the instant wechat chat record recovery software.

2. Open the installed software, select 'restore from backup files in iTunes', select the data backed up in iTunes, and click the' start scanning 'button.

3. After scanning, select the 'wechat' option on the left side of the interface to view the corresponding records. Check wechat friends and click 'export selected records' in the lower right corner of the interface to complete the recovery.

Another method is to use icloud backup and recovery. If icloud has been used to automatically back up mobile phone data, icloud can be used to restore our wechat chat records. However, the precondition for recovering icloud backup is to reactivate our iPhone. The first step is to erase all data on the current mobile phone.

How to restore wechat chat records on Android Phones

1. Download a powerful Android Recovery Wizard on the computer. The software supports data recovery of all Android phones.

2. Turn on the powerful Android Recovery Wizard, and the software will automatically detect the connection of mobile devices. We need to click 'start connection' to make the mobile successfully connected.

3. After the phone is successfully connected, click to go to the next step, and we select the scan function.

4. Then we can choose 'deep scan' or 'fast scan'.

5. Click Scan to enter the scan interface. We just need to wait patiently. After the software scans Android mobile data, it can export and recover the scanned data.

6. Select 'wechat' on the left to enter the interface, click to check the friends who want to restore wechat deleted chat records, and click 'restore selected files' to export them to the computer to complete Android wechat restoration.