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How long does it take for a used car to be registered? What's the need for second hand car ownership

It is not clear what procedures there are for the first time when buying and selling second-hand cars. How long does the second-hand car transfer license plate? What's the need to transfer used car ownership? Let's have a look.

the transfer of ownership is very fast and can be completed on the same day. The old brand should be kept until the vehicle management office formulates a new one. After the transfer, there will be a new license plate. Then you will be given a paper temporary card, and you can get a new iron card after 7 days.

Extended data:

The necessity of handling the transfer of second-hand car ownership: handling the transfer of second-hand car ownership can legally complete the transfer of vehicle ownership, ensure the legitimacy of vehicle sources, such as avoiding buying smuggled cars and stealing cars, etc. at the same time, it clarifies the responsibility division between the buyer and the seller related to the vehicle, such as debt correction, traffic violations, etc., to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of both parties.

After the second-hand car ownership transfer is completed, it is also an important link to change the tax procedures and insurance of some vehicles. After the completion of vehicle transaction, don't forget to change the procedures including vehicle purchase tax, vehicle and vessel use tax and vehicle insurance. This is not only a necessary procedure to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of both parties, but also a necessary process to ensure the normal renewal of vehicle tax, insurance and other procedures.

After the license plate is put on, the new driving license, transaction invoice and relevant transfer data shall be submitted to the purchase tax management office for transfer of purchase tax registration, and to the road maintenance fee collection and inspection department for transfer of road maintenance fee.