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How to reduce swelling quickly? These methods must be useful

People often bump and bump in their daily life and fall on their hands and legs. Some parts are prone to swelling or cyanosis, or siltation. What can we do to remove these bruises and lumps quickly?

One, hot egg method. Quickly boil an egg with hot water, peel the shell and roll it to massage the swollen part. The newly cooked hot eggs make the blood vessels of the face skin relax, enhance the blood circulation, and then apply the cold towel on the face to make the pores and blood vessels contract. One relaxation makes the skin shiny and elastic. This method can not only reduce swelling but also remove blood stasis.

Two, ice method, wrap the ice with towel and gently press the ice compress on the wound, which can also quickly reduce swelling and relieve pain. It can reduce the local and even the body temperature, gradually constrict the blood vessels, avoid bleeding, stasis and swelling, reduce the metabolic rate and delay nerve conduction. Local and temporary methods should be adopted, and the affected area should be covered with ice for about a quarter of an hour.

What about swollen eyes?

Third, massage. Massage muscle friction heat can promote blood circulation, help discharge excess water of swollen eyes, help reduce swelling. Two hands index finger and middle finger cooperate in the upper and lower eyelids of the eyes, massage from the inner corner of the eye to the direction of the temple for many times, the effect of detumescence is very good.

Fourth, drink as little water as possible at night, so that when you go to bed at night, you will not only easily oppress the bladder, but also easily cause eye edema and face swelling. So drink less water at night.

5. Frequent blinking. When the eyes are so swollen that the eyelids can't stand up. We can blink quickly and frequently, squeezing out the eyelids and forming them.

Six, alternating heat and cold. Dip a towel in hot water and apply it to your eyes without scalding your skin. If it's not hot, repeat moistening. Just cycle the hot compress for several times, and then apply cold compress for a while. Using the principle of hot expansion and cold contraction, you can reduce the swelling of your eyes.