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Where is the function of wechat's good material circle? Introduction of wechat haowuquan

&#The wechat circle of good things is equivalent to a circle of friends who recommend goods. You can share the goods that you think are easy to use and cost-effective, which is helpful to both businesses and users. Let's have a look at wechat!

How to play in wechat

Wechat's "my shopping list" is replaced by "good things circle". The purchase behavior of friends in the wechat applet system can be recommended and viewed. Users can achieve the following through the 'good circle of things':

1. View orders and collections in the shopping applet.

2. Select items from the order and add pictures or text for recommendation.

3. View and comment on items recommended by friends. In addition, users can click on items to enter the business applet.

Users can also turn off authorization for an applet in more - authorization management.

However, users have a deep access to it, so they need to be able to reach the function in the "find app search app" section at the bottom of wechat.

Wechat has a good effect on the physical circle

The 'good circle of things' also helps share some of the functions of the circle of friends, allowing users to' share and record life 'more intensively in the circle of friends. The 'good thing circle' is equivalent to a 'circle of friends' for users to recommend items. With a sense of trust connected by the relationship chain, good things can be pushed each other.