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Why is gold bracelet easy to deform? How can gold ornaments be restored to their original state afte

As we all know, gold jewelry is easy to deform, especially some small gram heavy gold jewelry, such as rings, because they are worn more frequently, and inevitably bump into each other in daily life, and once they are squeezed by the outside world, they will be easy to deform. Can the gold bracelet be restored to its original shape after deformation?

Is the gold bracelet deformed

The texture of gold is softer. Its hardness and nail hardness check is not much, in the case of long-term wear, there will be deformation. So our gold jewelry also needs to be well maintained, just like clothes if they are not cleaned and maintained in dry cleaners.

How to do if the gold bracelet is deformed

1. Take it to the original gold shop and let the professional repairman return to the original model. If it's just a little bit deformed, try to see if you can break the circle back.

2. If the gold bracelet is a luxury style with complicated technology and serious deformation, which can not be repaired by professional maintenance technicians, the gold bracelet can be melted off and rebuilt, resulting in gold earrings, gold rings, or gold necklaces.

3. If the deformation of the gold bracelet is not severe, it will not affect the appearance, and can continue to wear.

4. You can also go to the original place of purchase, exchange the old for the new, or recycle the gold bracelet, and then buy other favorite gold bracelets or other jewelry.