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What are the flagship planes worth starting in April this year? Three flagship aircraft recommended

&#Starting from 2019, many mobile phone brands will come out with new phones. Many friends who want to buy mobile phones must also be dazzled by various marketing. Next, I'd like to give you an inventory of the three flagship machines worth starting in April today. If you want to change your phone, don't miss it!

Meizu 16S

Meizu 16th can be said to be the most successful model among last year's flagship models. Because it does not follow the trend, the special-shaped screen adopts the upper and lower narrow edge design, and achieves the ultimate width. In addition, with the yellow seal stacking, the Meizu 16th was once out of stock. When Xiaolong launched this year, it is expected that many consumers will have the same price as the flagship of Xiaolong 168.

After the rice wine was put on the market, the most nervous one was Meizu huangzhang. After all, last year, huangzhang's Meizu 16th successfully attacked Xiaomi 8. This year, Huang Zhang certainly had the intention to snipe Xiaomi 9. Unexpectedly, the ultra-low price of rice wine was unexpected. Huang Zhang was once in a bad mood and scolded Xiaomi for being cheap to himself. The reason why Huang Zhang is so angry is that in addition to the pricing of Xiaomi 9, it mainly affects the listing pace of its flagship Meizu 16S. This Meizu flagship is not far away from us.

One plus seven

As a high-end product, Yijia has always been a niche brand in China, but overseas Yijia is quite different. Every time overseas, there are a large number of consumers pay attention to Yijia. Yijia is like a hot cake overseas. When Yijia is listed in the United States, there was a phenomenon of queuing up to buy, which shows that this mobile phone has more market overseas. As the flagship of this year, one plus seven has also attracted much attention.

It is reported that compared with the previous generation of products, one plus seven will have a great change in appearance, and may adopt vivo Similar to nex's retractable cameras, the proportion of screens will reach nearly 100% of the total screen. In addition to the high-tech snapdragon 855, Liu zuohu said in the Xiaolong 855 conference that Yijia will take the lead in mass production of 5g mobile phones. According to the previous release time point of new phones, this mobile phone will also come soon.

Huawei P30

As the only domestic mobile phone brand that does not use Qualcomm, Huawei's weight in the hearts of the Chinese people is not much to say. Last year's sales of Huawei also proved that Huawei is really powerful. This year, Huawei's flagship model is still worth looking forward to. Huawei's P-Series has always been Huawei's high-end flagship series, which will be released in the first half of each year.

For P30, Huawei has officially announced that it will be released on March 26. The previous generation product P20 dominates the list of DxO by virtue of the rear Leica lens, which has set a new record for the highest score of mobile phone. Even now, it still dominates the list of DxO. Many consumers are also eyeing the P30, hoping that this mobile phone can achieve better results in DxO.