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How to do when someone sleepwalks? Do you want to wake up if someone sleepwalks

Sleepwalking, a kind of colorful behavior, is described in many art works. Some movies once described that someone sleepwalking at night kills people. At this time, do not wake them up, otherwise the consequences will be very serious. What should we do when we meet someone who sleepwalks?

Are these things true or false. Let's take a look today.

Wake up sleepwalkers and they die? Not really

Many people feel terrible when they see sleepwalkers for the first time. Their whole body bristles up. It feels like seeing a zombie. Although I want to wake him (her), but I am afraid that, like the rumor, waking up a sleepwalker suddenly will lead to his or her death indecision.

Now I tell you, waking up a sleepwalker doesn't lead to insanity or even death. The main reason for the above rumors should be that sleepwalkers are in a state of not fully awake during sleepwalking. When they are awakened, they will have a short-term behavior disorder and sleep laziness, which leads to the belief that sleepwalkers cannot be awakened.

What should sleepwalkers do?

In the first stage, it is suggested to hold their hands gently and guide them to return to the warm quilt and sleep again.

But in general, sleepwalkers are not so obedient. They may be doing other things in their dreams and have no time to deal with you, an outsider.

Then we can go through the second stage and wake him up.

If we don't wake them up in time, they may fall in the room, break things, or even get out of the house and have an accident.

Although it's easy to call him or her with a soft voice or tap, try to wake them up, try not to yell or shake them violently.

If you need to wake up a sleepwalker through the above-mentioned slightly violent behavior, remember to stay away from him or her.

The reason is that when sleepwalkers are just awakened, they are in a state of vague cognitive impairment and are likely to make some violent attacks. Be careful to call dad.

So when we meet sleepwalkers, we can see whether to wake them up or not and what way to wake them up. Even wake them up will not lead to dementia, death, can rest assured.