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Is foot patch blackening really detoxification? What are the benefits of foot stickers for women

Nowadays, the post-90s have begun to pay attention to health care. Most people will have the habit of keeping fit. When the weather is bad, they will choose to stick foot stickers to help detoxify. Is the foot patch really so magical? Is it really detoxifying when the foot patch turns black? Let's learn about it.

Is it true that the foot patch turns black?

It's just that the water will have a great reaction when meeting with herbs, and there will be many differences. Just because the body starts to sweat, the material of foot stick is brown and black, so once it gets wet, it will turn black. In fact, the principle is to use the material bag for cooking. If the material bag contains dark pepper and large material, wrap it with gauze and put it in the water, the material package will turn black immediately The color is actually the color of the material in the bag. Therefore, the color of the foot paste powder package is the color of the foot paste powder package material.

Foot patch is herbal medicine to stimulate the bottom of the foot, there will be some stimulation, to help the body to sweat. The principle of detoxification of foot patch is the same as that of plantar massage. Massage is to press the acupoints of foot patch through finger joints, while foot patch is to stimulate plantar acupoints through medicine package, dredge meridians, promote blood circulation, enhance excretion and metabolism of the body.

What's the advantage of women's foot sticking?

Many diseases can be treated, common cold diseases, female body cold is very big, can improve many of the body's chronic diseases, through health care to achieve the purpose of prevention and treatment, the main effect is to strengthen the foot microcirculation, strengthen the process of body metabolism, in this process, make a lot of human body function get good maintenance and recovery.

Female foot patch can make the body heat, but also good for the body. It can treat cold constitution. The foot patch stimulates the reflex area of the sole of the foot, so as to remove toxin, nourish the skin, promote metabolism and enhance immunity.