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All very good. How about Su Mingyu's character? How did Su Mingyu end up

I don't know if you are chasing a family ethics drama "all very well". This play can be said to be very successful. At least for the role, Yao Chen's role as Su Mingyu can be said to have played the role alive. Yao Chen himself has similarities with Su Mingyu, and he holds it very well. Today, let's talk about Su Mingyu's character and the ending of the characters.

Su Mingyu is a very vigorous role, doing things is always linked with interests, but she is very smooth, not easy to offend others. It's hard to control a character like this because she's a contradiction. She's cunning, but not hypocritical. She's smart and worldly, but she has principles. She has her own ideas, but she will give in to her father's persistence. In fact, it seems that she is not responsible for her children. Compared with her second brother Mingzhe. The second brother is glib, seemingly filial, but in fact he is a gnawing family. He has never paid any actual labor. On the contrary, she was seemingly indifferent and secretly arranged everything.

Some people say that in real life, if there is such a person, in fact, she should be the most difficult to get along with themselves. Because she thinks too little about herself. What is the reason that makes a weak girl become Su Mingyu now. Soviet psychologists said that all that an adult reflects is the shadow of his parents.

What are su Mingyu's parents like? A counselor's father. When her mother hurts her, she never makes a sound. A patriarchal mother, for her brother's sake, sold her studies and her room. Because Su Mingyu is a daughter, she is just a stepping stone to her brother's success. As a victim of her family, Su Mingyu's gentleness as a little girl is slowly eroded by her mother MD. She had to take a tough stance and she didn't want to be victimized again.

If a person lost something when he was a child, he would spend his whole life to find it back. Su Mingyu's lost love, she can't find it back. She can only work hard to make others look down on her. In TV dramas, Su Mingyu's scenes are always accompanied by busyness. During her mother's funeral, she keeps answering the phone, which leads to the anger of her second brother. In fact, her second brother is the most unqualified person to blame her, but she can't say it from the aspect of affection. After all, this is her mother's funeral.

Her position determines that she must be like a robot. In addition to her work, no matter how big the waves are in her heart, she can't tell anyone because she is Su Mingyu. Her childhood experience tells her that there is no one to pave the way for her. She can only fight for what she wants. Even if there is a big blow in her life, she can't give up her work and she has no time to shed tears.

I think Su Mingyu is a child who can't get candy from childhood, so she has to use other things to make up for her humble. She was extremely self abased and conceited. Her inferiority complex is that she is a girl, so she has to let everything out. She is conceited in order not to be looked down upon by others. Su Mingyu didn't get candy in the first half of her life, so she could only fill her emptiness with wealth in the second half of her life.

Su Mingyu is a good child, but her good, can not be too obvious. She was afraid that someone would advance an inch, so she wanted to control her kindness and hide her kindness. She would rather let the world feel that she was ruthless than hurt.

From Su Mingyu's body, I see all the people who are not cherished. They prove themselves tenaciously. Their excessive efforts are not for the praise of your mouth, but do not want to be ignored. Everyone wants to be remembered, loved and left behind, but the fate is always unfair, so we always lose some things in our pocket, and those things are what we value. Everyone is poor in his life to find things, some are family, some are friendship, some are love, some dreams and so on. Some people can not find, she can only turn herself into a look that is not allowed to be hurt. She knows that once her good performance is too obvious, no one will cherish it. And will take it for granted that all these good things should be. If Su Mingyu is not so good to them one day, then Su Mingyu will become a traitor. So she is smart. She chooses to have her own way to fight against the world. Instead of being a good person, she only does what she loves.

In fact, many people want to do what they like in their life, but they can't do it. Su Mingyu just chooses life in her own way. Su Mingyu is just a child who is afraid to hurt. She has to face the world that has hurt herself with her own edges and corners. What she did was that she had experienced so much that she did not dare to put down her disguise.

Su Mingyu was unpopular when she was young, which led to a deep lack of security in her heart. She didn't realize the love of her parents since she was a child, so she began to become rebellious, until her emotions broke out completely because of some things, and finally she broke off the relationship with the su family. Although Su Mingyu has experienced many hardships, she finally married Shi Tiandong, who loves her very much. Under the influence of Shi Tiandong, her relationship with the Su family gradually eased up.