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How to handle registered permanent residence for newborn? What kind of certificate does the newborn

After the birth of the newborn, parents need to handle a lot of procedures for their children, of which the household registration is a very important point. So how to deal with the registered permanent residence for the newborn? We can carry on the detailed understanding from the following content introduction, and have a look at the specific process together.

1、 How to apply for household registration for newborns

1. Adults should first go to the police station where the registered permanent residence belongs to and tell the police comrades that they want to register for their children.

2. Generally speaking, when handling, adults should first fill in the household registration application form, and then cooperate with the police to register the relevant information.

3. After handing in the handling fee, the child's name is officially printed on the account book.

According to the regulations of the people's Republic of China on household registration: within one month after the birth of the baby, the head of household, relatives, caregivers or neighbors shall apply for birth registration to the household registration authority at the place where the baby lives.

2、 What documents are needed to register

1. New mother's Hukou card, if the mother is married but not registered on the Hukou card, she should also bring her own marriage certificate

2. Birth certificate issued by birth hospital.

3. The family planning service certificate with the household permission seal of the street family planning department (this certificate is issued by the family planning department).

4. If the baby is not born in the place where the parents belong, parents need to go to Baoma's unit or the family planning department of the street to issue a certificate. When going through the household registration procedures, they need to provide it to the police of the police station.

5. It is necessary to inform the parent organization of the native place of Bao PA and attach the certificate.