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How should female menstruation have blood clot to recuperate correctly? Blood clots in menstruation

Women's menstruation is a very important issue, which is related to women's health and fertility. In fact, menstruation is also a very important sign of physical health, so how is menstruation with blood clots? How should it be recuperated?

What is the reason that menstruation has blood clot

Most of the menstrual period is 3-5 days, the normal range is 2-7 days, and the average amount of bleeding is about 50 ml. In normal circumstances, menstruation is bright red, no purple dark blood clots, once the occurrence of blood clots of menstruation, often accompanied by dysmenorrhea. The causes of blood clots in menstruation are as follows:

Menstruation has blood clot how to return a responsibility, how recuperate

1. Cold during menstruation.

Menstrual period does not pay attention to keep warm and cold will aggravate menstrual congestion. Especially in the cold winter, if you do not strengthen the lower body to keep warm, leading to palace cold, will also make the blood in the body deposition and caking. 2. There was a lot of bleeding

It is related to the amount of bleeding and the speed of bleeding. If there is more bleeding and faster speed, there is often the possibility of blood clot. When the amount of bleeding is relatively large, it will be integrated into a block.

3. It belongs to qi stagnation and blood stasis constitution.

This kind of constitution person, the blood circulation is bad, the menstrual blood is not smooth, very easy to cause dysmenorrhea. In addition, there are often breast distension pain, abdominal distension, constipation and so on before menstruation.

4. Irregular menstruation

Menstrual blood clots are mostly due to women's internal endometrial shedding caused by bleeding symptoms.

5. Qi and blood are insufficient and cold is too heavy

The cause of blood clots in menstruation may be that the Qi and blood of the whole body is not vigorous, and the downward is unfavorable, so the amount of menstruation is relatively small. If the color is dark or there is silt, it means that the cold air in the body is too heavy.

6. Stagnation of liver Qi

It may also be liver qi stagnation. The more blood clots, the more severe the blockage of meridians, which can be solved by massage.

How does menstruation have blood clot recuperate

1. Traditional Chinese medicine conditioning methods

(1) According to the symptoms and signs, the method of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, regulating qi and unblocking collaterals is effective. Such as safflower, peach kernel, mint, kuncao, Zelan, red peony and so on, to improve symptoms and signs have good effect. However, this should be taken under the guidance of the doctor. Menstrual block should pay attention to the protection of menstrual period, pay attention to keep warm in winter, prevent catching cold, do not eat raw and cold food, not too tired, maintain a happy mood, work and rest. For those with pigmentation of the face, they can be cured by regulating menstruation by external diseases and internal treatment.

(2) It is dark red with blood clots, belonging to the constitution of blood stasis and qi stagnation. It can be used with chuanxiong, Danshen, safflower and other materials. If the menstrual blood is less and the color is light, it belongs to "blood deficiency and body deficiency". It is necessary to use Angelica sinensis, Astragalus membranaceus, radix rehmanniae, longan, ginseng, etc. If you are cold and cold, warm up with cinnamon twigs, fennel and mugwort leaves.

2. Diet improves conditioning

(1) Reduce the intake of vitamin E and calcium, and make the blood circulation smooth.

(2) Should not eat food, in the first three days of menstruation, to the end of the period of food to warm. Charcoal roast, fried, spicy or pickled products to eat less, watermelon, pear, coconut, grapefruit avoid eating, so as not to affect the blood vessels constricted. Chinese cabbage, balsam pear and white radish are eaten after heating.