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What do you mean by the last two eggs of Captain surprise? Why does orange cat spit out cosmic cube

Yesterday, the marvel superhero movie Captain Marvel, which attracted wide attention, was officially released in mainland China, and the film has quickly become a hot topic among netizens. In particular, the second colored egg at the end of the film, orange cat spits out the magic cube of the universe, which makes many audiences puzzled. What does the end of the egg mean?

The second egg at the end of Captain surprise

Like all marvel superheroes, Captain surprise has two colored eggs at the end of the film. The first egg is directly linked with the Avengers 4. The captain of the United States and the widowed sister show up. The surprise captain asks where Nick Frey is. The second egg is captain surprise's orange cat spitting out the cosmic cube on one of Nick Frey's desks. I believe that many netizens who have seen "Avenger alliance 3" are not surprised by the first egg, but they don't know much about the second egg orange cat spitting out the cosmic cube. So here's a detailed analysis of the second egg.

Analysis of the magic cube of the universe vomited by orange cat

Cosmic cube, the first movie in Marvel's "Captain America" series, was set between 1939 and 1945. At that time, in order to smash the plot of Hydra, the US captain took the cosmic cube to the bottom of the sea and was frozen for 70 years.

When the captain of the United States was found and salvaged, the cosmic magic cube also appeared and was sent to the aegis Bureau. Nick Frey became director of aegis in the 1990s, and the story of Captain surprise happened at the same time. According to the plot of Captain wonder, the orange cat can devour all materials, and Nick Frey has a special relationship with Captain surprise and captain surprise's orange cat, so it is very likely that orange cat will swallow the cube of the universe. As for why the orange cat vomited out the cosmic cube, I believe we will find the answer in the sequel of Captain surprise. Let's look forward to it!

The above is about the second colored egg at the end of the movie "Captain surprise". The orange cat spits out the cosmic cube. What does the orange cat spit out the cosmic cube imply after? Look forward to the release of "Captain surprise 2"!

Original title: the second colorful egg orange cat spits out the universe magic cube at the end of surprise