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What brand of tablet is better? Tips for choosing a tablet

Nowadays, more and more people like to use tablet computers. Compared with laptops, they are more portable. Compared with mobile phones, the screen is larger, and it is no problem to play games. When buying tablets, many people will ask what brand is good. Today, I will recommend some good tablets to you and the precautions when buying tablets.

What brand of tablet is good

Taiwan electric tablet computer

The brand was founded in 1999. It is a well-known IT enterprise in China. Since its establishment, it has been committed to the R & D and operation of storage devices, e-books, computers and other products. Its products are diversified, and its tablet computers are loved by consumers.

Samsung tablet

Samsung tablet computer is also the first choice for many people to buy tablets. Samsung was founded in 1938, and has a good reputation in the industry, especially its mobile phone. Of course, its family is not only famous for its digital products, but also for its home appliances.

ASUS tablet

When it comes to what brand of tablet PC is good, we have to mention ASUS. ASUS is a domestic computer brand founded in 1989. Asus has been committed to the research and development of notebook computers, tablet computers and other products. It is precisely because of its leading R & D technology that it has become a very competitive enterprise in the market.

What should I pay attention to when I buy a tablet computer

After you know what brand of tablet, you also need to know how to buy a tablet and what to pay attention to when buying a tablet.

Look at the system: when buying a tablet, you should first look at its system. Generally, there are windows, IOS and Android, each with its own characteristics. Windows is more versatile, you can directly use Windows system, office and entertainment can be; IOS system is more entertaining, easy to use, UI design is simple and exquisite; Android system has high playability, can switch UI style, and can download many games for free.

Look at the hardware: hardware configuration is also to focus on when buying a tablet. At present, most of the CPU on the market is 2G or above, with high CPU frequency and better performance. When selecting CPU, you should refer to the processor's own brand. For example, Apple's A-Series, Qualcomm snapdragon and Intel series are the best processors at present.

After reading the above contents, do you know what brand of tablet PC is better? There are many computer brands on the market. In addition to selecting brands, we should combine our own use when looking at specific products, to see whether they are mainly used for office or entertainment.