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What are the good TV plays in the first half of 2019? Review of the top ten must watch TV series

Some time ago, "whether you know it should be green, fat, red and thin" was very popular, but it was too slow. Now "Queen of solitude" is also very popular. Many fans like Chan Jon. So what are the good TV series in the first half of 2019? Let's review the top ten TV series.

empress Dugu

The ancient costume TV drama "empress Dugu", CO starred by Chen Xiao and Chen Qiao En, tells the story of Yang Jian, played by Chen Xiao, and his wife Dugu Jialuo, who founded the prosperous age of the founding of the country. In the beginning of the plot, the two meet each other to wipe out evil and restore the mountains and rivers, and the emotional expression of the fragments of acting erupts.

How can boss marry me

And so on, make complaints about the bursting point of the heroine, the car, the new car, the speed of Ling Yizhou, the Tucao, and so on. In terms of character setting, Xia Linyi changed the image of silly Bai Tian in the original novel. She often imagined that the hero Ling Yizhou and the male number two Chuyan and the president's assistant Wen Li had a "brotherly love" in the triangle. As an 18 line actress, in order to obtain the exposure rate, she would make unremitting efforts to fight back directly in the face of her boyfriend's infidelity and junior three's provocation The female audience's preferences.

Legend of haola

The briefing said that because of the Changping war between Qin and Zhao, the Qin army buried 400000 Zhao troops alive. The king of Zhao was very angry and wanted to kill the hostages as revenge. Lu Buwei, Li haola and other envoys tried their best to escape from Hukou and finally returned to the state of Qin.

"Do you know if you should be green, fat, red and thin"

The play is adapted from the novel of the same name, Zhao Liying, Feng Shaofeng, Zhu Yilong, Shi Shi Shi, Zhang Jianing and Cao cuifen. Through the story of the growth, love and marriage of minglan, a girl from an official family in the Northern Song Dynasty, the play unfolds a life picture from a girl in a boudoir to the head mother of a marquis. It tells the prosperity of a family and the legend of women's struggle under the ancient ethical system.

"You and me in the city"

This play was performed by Yingbao. Originally, I just wanted to watch it casually to relieve the shortage of drama, but after reading it, I thought it was very good-looking. It mainly tells about the process of independent entrepreneurship of male and female owners. Then, in order to maintain the family business, male owners have foresight to make their enterprises bigger and stronger. Moreover, there are many viewpoints in it that are worth learning from. We can get some enlightenment on our work strategies. No matter what we do, we should not be impatient, we must observe the changes.

About love

Adapted from Li Xiang's novel of the same name, it tells the most romantic and touching love story. The play focuses on College Students' future thinking and career planning. It tells about the alternative love between a dandy and an anti bony girl. An accident at the age of 18 made Wei Qing suffer from a serious cleanliness disorder. Despite the shining halo of the company's executives, she was unable to contact and communicate with the opposite sex. Wei Qing was deeply disturbed by the incident and struggled to find the 'princess' who could save her.

"Yanxi strategy"

The story tells the story of Yingluo, a maid in the palace, who, with her courage to go forward bravely, has a quick and flexible mind and a broad and broad mind, resolves all kinds of difficulties in the court, and finally becomes the imperial concubine who helps Qianlong's prosperity. She Shiman's acting skills are also very brilliant. This time, Yu Zheng abandoned Yu Mashe and chose senior grey. Although Yu Ma's plays are often eye-catching, this play is really refreshing.


This drama, starring Yang Mi and Ruan Jingtian, is an immortal chivalrous play. It takes five continents as the background, and interprets a story that Da Mi Mi gets the magic skill, and then starts a surprise adventure journey to save his classmates. In the adventure journey, he gradually develops feelings with Ruan Jingtian.

Biography of Ruyi

Adapted from Liu Yuzi's novel The Legend of Ruyi in the back palace, starring Zhou Xun and Huo Jianhua, this novel tells the story of Qian Long and his young friend, Bian Fujin Ruyi, from loving each other to being lost and disillusioned. It is the sequel of the legend of Zhen Huan. The story has some connection with the legend of Zhen Huan. Zhou Xun's wulanala & middot; Ruyi is the niece of the Empress Wu lanala in the legend of Zhen Huan. The author Liu Yuzi once said that many people think that the legend of Zhen Huan is a successful "big female drama". I don't understand why Zhen Huan is successful? She lost her lover and everything. In fact, she is a complete failure. But in the secular sense, people think she is successful. In this case, I will write a complete failure of the protagonist, so wrote "Ruyi Zhuan.". After cutting off her hair, she was almost abandoned and died in obscurity.


In this play, Bai Yu and Zhu Yilong play Zhao Yunlan, director of the special mediation Department of starfish, who is the commander of zhenhunling order. Zhu Yilong plays three roles: Shen Wei, a university professor; heipao emissary, the second leader of Dixing; and the younger brother of heipaoshi, who is the villain of the play. Although the plot of dog blood, special effects can not be more than a hair, but because of the friendship of the two leading men through thousands of years, and the actor's excellent acting skills, it is deeply loved by many netizens.

On the sea

Produced by Kyushu DreamWorks International Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Cao Dun directed the Oriental magic teleplay starring Huang Xuan, Dou Xiao, Zhou Yiwei, Xu Lu, Wen Yongshan, Zhang Jianing, Jiang Qinqin, Wang Qianyuan and Wan Xi.

Biography of Yunxi performed by Ju Jingyi

The response of this work is also good. Yun Xi, played by Ju Jingyi, is fresh and sweet, while the hero, Zhang zhehan, is calm, introverted and resourceful, which makes people like it very much. Moreover, the plot is also very sweet. It is also very difficult for such a work to be not popular.