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What are the ways to eat donkey hide gelatin? How to eat donkey hide gelatin

Donkey hide gelatin is a kind of good health care products, which is very popular among people. Traditional donkey hide gelatin is not delicious. Many friends ask what kind of Ejiao to eat and how to make it the best. The following small series will give you a detailed introduction to the different eating methods and effects of donkey hide gelatin. Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

1、 Steamed rice wine with donkey hide gelatin

Donkey hide gelatin is massive and hard. It's better to take it to the drugstore and grind it. According to the ratio of donkey hide gelatin and yellow rice wine is 1:2, put it in the microwave oven and steam it slightly. The best utensils should be ceramic. When steaming, a lid should be added to prevent the entry of water vapor. The steaming time is relatively long, and it needs to be stirred several times. When donkey hide gelatin is completely melted, it can be put in a glass bottle in the refrigerator for convenience.

1. Put donkey hide gelatin into a container and pour in rice wine;

2. 1:1 ratio of rice wine and donkey hide gelatin. Soak for a few hours before steaming (red dates and sesame seeds can also be added).

3. The next day, steam the container in a pot for 30-40 minutes. The donkey hide gelatin is completely melted into the rice wine;

4. Store the gelatinous donkey hide gelatin in the refrigerator.

2、 How to take rice wine bubble donkey hide gelatin

The first step: take out a joint of donkey hide gelatin (two pieces) and smash it;

Step 2: put the broken donkey hide gelatin into a stainless steel fast food cup and add 350 ml Hakka yellow rice wine. Cover and soak for more than 12 hours;

Step 3: put the pickled donkey hide gelatin into the pot, cover it and cook it. Stir it often. After the donkey hide gelatin is melted, add rock sugar (about 100g) and jujube (about 10 pieces). Steam for about 45 minutes;

The fourth step: the cooked donkey hide gelatin is put into the refrigerator after cooling;

Step 5: take a spoonful (5-10 g) of steamed donkey hide gelatin (frozen) into a stainless steel fast food bowl in the morning, evening or morning or before lunch every day, and take it with boiling water or warm boiled water; jujube can be eaten at the same time.

2、 What is the effect of rice wine bubble donkey hide gelatin

1. Health care effect:

It has many health functions such as harmonizing blood, promoting Qi, moving spirit, expelling cold, strengthening muscles and bones, etc. Regular drinking can make people energetic and energetic. According to the compendium of Materia Medica, it can be made into Jingjiu with many precious Chinese medicines. It has the effect of strengthening the foundation and strengthening the body and eliminating the pain.

2. Nutritional function:

It contains 21 kinds of amino acids, proteins, sugars and vitamins.

3. Anti aging and heart protection:

It has the function of improving immunity, anti-aging, anti-cancer, protecting cardiovascular and myocardial health. The existing research results show that more than 40 kinds of diseases, such as Keshan disease, cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, infertility and so on, are related to selenium deficiency. Therefore, the right amount of yellow rice wine has a protective effect on the heart.

4. Weight loss, beauty, anti-aging:

Yellow rice wine contains a lot of sugar, organic acids, oxy acids and various vitamins. Because rice wine is made from rice after a long time of saccharification and fermentation, the starch and protein in the raw materials are decomposed into small molecules by enzymes, which are easy to be digested and absorbed by human body.

5. Medicinal value:

Yellow rice wine can not only dissolve the effective ingredients of the drug, which is easy to be absorbed by the human body, but also guide the efficacy to the parts needing treatment. Rice wine has always been used as the wine base to make wine for health preservation and medical treatment.

3、 What's particular about eating donkey hide gelatin

1、 People with allergic constitution should eat it carefully.

2、 Do not eat if the gastrointestinal function is not good. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Ejiao is greasy, so people with poor spleen and stomach function should eat less donkey hide gelatin.

3、 It is not suitable to eat donkey hide gelatin during a cold.

4、 Diabetes, hypertension, pregnant women need to consult the doctor's advice.

5、 It is recommended to eat before meals.

6、 One time can not eat too much, weak, children need to take donkey hide gelatin under the guidance of doctors.

In real life, many people think that donkey hide gelatin is a kind of valuable health care products, so there is no taboo. In fact, if you eat improper will also cause certain side effects, such as fire, indigestion and so on. Therefore, it is suggested that everyone should eat donkey hide gelatin with a scientific attitude.

In addition, we should pay attention to the balanced intake of various nutrients, especially various vitamins, proteins and trace elements. Develop good living habits, exercise habits, sleep habits, choose the appropriate method of eating donkey hide gelatin according to the needs, it will certainly make health care twice the result with half the effort.

4、 How to eat donkey hide gelatin

1. Ejiao pear honey soup

Practice: first cut the pear into pieces, then add water to boil, and then add donkey hide gelatin. At this time, attention should be paid to continuous stirring to make Ejiao fully melt. Secondly, honey and rock sugar can be added according to personal taste.

Ejiao limi Decoction not only has the effect of beauty, nourishing yin and blood, but also has the function of moistening the lung. Therefore, it is especially suitable for cough, phlegm and cough caused by cold.

2. Donkey hide gelatin congee

Method: prepare 100g glutinous rice and 10g donkey hide gelatin. Boil glutinous porridge according to the common method. Add the broken donkey hide gelatin after the porridge is cooked. Stir well and eat while it is hot.

Donkey hide gelatin porridge can prolong life, especially suitable for women to eat sooner or later.

3. Ejiao jujube

Method: first of all, break the donkey hide gelatin, and then boil it with jujube.

Ejiao jujube has the effect of nourishing blood and strengthening spleen and stomach. In addition, it has good therapeutic effect on patients with insomnia, poor sleep quality and deficiency of both heart and spleen.

4. Donkey hide gelatin ribs

Practice: Boil donkey hide gelatin with white bone, tangerine peel and other materials together, and eat it often, which has the effect of strengthening the body.

Closing method

Method: grind donkey hide gelatin into powder in advance, and then take it with boiling water.

This should be the most simple way to eat, this kind of eating method has the effect of nourishing yin and moistening dryness, nourishing blood and auxiliary treatment of cough and asthma.

6. Ejiao milk drink

Method: Smash donkey hide gelatin, dissolve it in milk and drink it.

Of course, in the process of drinking, you can also add other materials according to your preference. It has multiple effects such as moistening lung and supplementing calcium.