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Why can't girls eat betel nut? Eating betel nuts is too dangerous

Do you like betel nut lovers in Southeast China. So, can girls eat betel nuts? What harm do girls eat betel nuts? And if areca is eaten for a long time, it is easy to cause cancer, so don't eat it easily.

1. Damage to periodontal tissue

Betel nut can damage periodontal tissue. Specific analysis: because the areca fiber is quite thick and hard, it will stab the gums or block the gap between teeth, causing the compression and inflammation of the papilla between teeth, and also due to chewing hard, causing damage to the periodontal ligament, causing inflammation, swelling and pain around the root.

2. Teeth fall off

Girls long-term eating betel nut may also lead to tooth loss. Specific analysis: due to the accumulation of calcareous and betel nut residues, the calculus of teeth will become thicker and thicker, causing gingival damage, swelling, suppuration, root exposure and so on, resulting in periodontal lesions, and eventually teeth fall off or have to be extracted. For girls, tooth loss is a very damaging image.

3. Cause oral disease

Chewing areca nut can cause oral submucosal fibrosis and leukoplakia, which is the early stage of oral cancer. Its clinical symptoms are difficult to open mouth, pain, numbness, oral mucosa whitening and ulcer. Tip: girls should not eat betel nut. If you eat it occasionally, it is recommended to brush your teeth immediately and remove the residue of betel nut from your teeth.

4. Affect the beauty

Betel nut juice dirt pollutes the black lip, teeth and cheek, affects the view, damages taste nerve and saliva secretion, hinders digestive function. Areca residue stimulates gastric wall, causing inflammation and even perforation of gastric mucosa, affecting nutrient absorption and causing malnutrition. Tips: in a word, girls eat betel nut is very harmful. It is recommended that you do not eat too much. Just eat it in moderation, which is good for your health.

Girls should not eat betel nut

1. As a result of long-term consumption of betel nut, not only will cause cancer, but also will be addicted, therefore, girls should not eat too much betel nut. In particular, pregnant women, lactation and other maternal is not edible.

2. Frequent consumption of areca nut is very harmful to the teeth. It will wear the teeth, make the teeth black, and even make the teeth fall off, which is very bad for girls and damage the image.

3. Areca nut contains a large number of arecolin and alkaloids, which have cytotoxicity. The reaction of oral mucosa and alkaloids in areca nut can lead to oral mucosal fibrosis and carcinogenesis.

4. Appropriate amount of edible areca nut has antiviral and antifungal effects, can enhance the body's immunity and resistance, play a role in strengthening the body. 5. Areca nut can be used to treat irregular diet, qi stagnation, phlegm and other diseases. It has a certain medicinal value. It is beneficial and harmless for human health to eat properly.