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Who is the old man who helps Lu show off his dwelling place? The mysterious old man is the old devil

The TV series "Zhaoyao" is still on the air now. The latest plot is that she can't get out after she enters her residence. However, she has fallen in love with Li chenlan and says that she has to go out no matter what price she has to pay. An old man appeared when he was in a hurry. According to Ziyou's description, the old man stayed in it for a long time, and he was willing to help Zhaoyao get out of his perch. The old man told Zhaoyao that it would cost a lot to come up with a place to live, but he said that as long as he could get out of the place, he would be willing to die except for death.

The old man revealed his identity in his words and deeds, which was very mysterious. He had lived in his resting place for a long time. Such a mysterious figure could not have appeared suddenly without following. And in the original book, the old demon king lived in the place where he lived. Later, he found the old devil in the place where he lived. Only then did he know how to help Li chenlan get rid of the evil spirit. So Xiaobian guessed that the old man and Lu Zhaoyao were very close. Because they became a family.

Xiaobian thinks that this old man is probably the old devil of Li chenlan's father. The old devil king can also be free for his son's happiness. As a family, it's understandable to help the swagger get rid of it. After bluffing and seriously injured, he came here by accident. And the old devil king was so powerful that he came to his resting place. It is mentioned in the play that the devil was gone 1000 years ago. So he probably stayed there for 1000 years. When Ziyou asked him how to get out of his home, he helped Zhaozhao without saying a word, which was enough to prove that he knew the identity of Zhaozhao and knew that the fate between Zhaozhao and Li chenlan was not complete.

At the beginning, because he sealed the dust storm, he let the road show off, and the clan became the guardian of the seal. This time, he was arranged to help Lu Zhaobo to settle down, and also to prepare for Lu Zhaoyao to ask him about Li chenlan's heart demon.