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How long is the shelf life of honey? Proper preservation of honey

Summer honey to put refrigerator? Maybe many people feel that the summer temperature is high, honey is easy to be broken at room temperature, need to put the refrigerator. So how can honey be preserved? Today, Xiaobian came to talk with you about the preservation of honey.

Does summer honey want to put freezer

Generally not required.

Although honey is very sweet and greasy, it is different from other sweets. Other sweet food is easy to be infected by fungi when the temperature is high in summer, leading to deterioration and corruption. However, honey is different. Honey will release some enzymes intentionally during the processing and production of bees, which can play an effective bactericidal effect and prevent deterioration. Therefore, if the ambient temperature is not too high, there is no need to put it in the refrigerator. Honey will not be bad in hot weather, as long as it is sealed in a cool and dark place.

Honey crystallizes easily in the refrigerator

It is a good and bad way to keep honey in the refrigerator. The biggest advantage is that the honey will not be stored in the refrigerator, and it is convenient to take and eat at any time. However, the disadvantage is that the moisture content of honey is less, and the glucose in the honey is mostly combined with the coarse particles such as pollen. If the fruit is put into the refrigerator, the combination will be destroyed, which will easily lead to the crystallization of a large amount of glucose Although this change will not cause the deterioration of honey, it will also affect the taste of honey. When eating, it will have a sense of granule, and there is no uniform taste. From the sense of population, solid honey is not as good as liquid honey.

How to keep honey

(1) Mature honey is the first choice. Mature honey contains less moisture and is easy to preserve, while immature honey has higher moisture content, which is easy to ferment and deteriorate, and is not easy to preserve.

(2) Glass or ceramic ware is the best storage container. In order to prevent the acid substances in honey from corroding the container and causing heavy metal pollution of honey, the container for honey should be made of glass or ceramic, rather than metal containers such as iron and lead. This is because honey contains organic acids and carbohydrates. Under the action of enzymes, these substances will be converted into acetic acid, which will corrode metal containers such as iron and lead, resulting in the formation of toxic substances, which will not only cause deterioration of honey, but also cause poisoning.

(3) Control the temperature to prevent fermentation. The best storage temperature of honey should be below 10 & deg; C, because it is not easy to ferment honey and yeast will not grow arbitrarily; however, once the temperature exceeds 13 & deg; C, honey will be very easy to crystallize, and the crystallized honey will be more easily fermented and deteriorated. In summer, because of the high temperature, the refrigerator's freezer is the best place to store honey.

(4) Containers should be tightly closed. Honey has the ability to absorb water from the air. If honey absorbs too much water, it will reduce its concentration and is easy to ferment and deteriorate. Therefore, the containers for storing honey should be tightened and covered tightly to prevent honey from contacting with air and affecting the storage time.

(5) Bubbling honey should not be kept for a long time. Once many small bubbles appear on the surface of honey, it may cause poisoning, so it is not suitable to continue storage. In addition, honey has strong water absorption because of its large amount of glucose. Once the honey foams, it means that the water absorption of honey has decreased, which is easy to cause honey deterioration.

How long can honey be kept

At present, the shelf life of bottled honey is 18 months. However, the bee with high concentration of mature cover can also keep its quality for many years. But it is better to eat fresh honey, because fresh honey is generally good in color, aroma and taste. Honey preserved for a long time, as long as it does not deteriorate, is edible, will not be harmful to the body. However, compared with fresh honey, the nutritional value of long-time honey is slightly worse.

However, it must be pointed out that if the honey is not cooked or adulterated with water and other fake and inferior products, these honey will ferment, bubble, change acid and deteriorate after a long time, and it is not edible. Of course, if the fermentation is not serious, it can still be eaten after being heated for 0.5 hours in a water bath at about 60 & deg; C, but the nutritional value and function are worse.