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In 2019, pension will be combined according to length of service! The higher the length of service,

In 2019, pension will be combined according to length of service! After the combination of basic endowment insurance for employees of government and public institutions and basic endowment insurance for urban employees, although it can narrow part of the pension gap, due to the different payment standards implemented by institutions and enterprises, the difference in payment proportion is too large. Then, is the higher the length of service, the more pension? Let's have a look.

The length of service refers to the working time when the wage income is the whole or main source of living materials; the payment period refers to the accumulated years of relevant social insurance premiums such as pension, medical treatment and unemployment paid by the employing unit and employees according to the regulations, which is one of the basis for the calculation and distribution of social insurance benefits. It is different from the length of continuous service, but they have a certain inheritance relationship in time.

If the pension of retirees is paid according to length of service, the number of people who agree with it will obviously occupy the majority. The length of service has become the decisive factor affecting the amount of pension, but remember that it is not the only one. Many people mistakenly believe that the current pension is only related to the length of service. In fact, there are seven other factors to be considered, such as the proportion of contributions, the number of years of payment, the level of social wages in the place of retirement, and the increase of pension after retirement Old age pension, transitional pension and retirement time. We usually only know one thing, that is, the principle of paying more and getting more if we pay more.

The length of service is only a small factor that affects our pension benefits. The amount of retirement wages we can get after retirement is not entirely calculated by the length of service, but there is a complete calculation formula, and even has a greater relationship with the retirement age and payment year. Of course, it's related to length of service. According to the latest pension regulations, employees' pension is paid according to their length of service. One year's service is 100 yuan, and 10 years is 1000 yuan. We must know that it is not that you have a long service life and your retirement salary is high.

An obvious example is that some doctors are 30 years old when they are just graduated from high-end jobs. Some people are only 18 years old when they graduate from junior high school. It is unfair to doctors to get pension according to their length of service. Some pay 60% of the wage base at the lowest level, and 300% of the wage base at the highest level. There is a 5-fold gap between them unfair.

Therefore, in response to some netizens' proposal that pension should be paid according to the length of service, those who opposed it also put forward their views

Netizen 1:

But with all due respect, this kind of thinking is not objective, too idealistic and one-sided.

It is impossible at present and there is no room for it to be realized in the future.

As far as China's basic national conditions are concerned, as long as there is an endowment insurance payment system, as long as everyone's payment standard is not consistent and the payment is not the same, the income will be different. The payment is directly proportional to the income, and more payment is more, which can better reflect the social fairness and efficiency.

As long as there is an endowment insurance payment system, it is impossible to only pay the pension according to the length of service. There is no doubt that length of service will always be an important factor in pension payment, but it will not be the only factor.

Netizen 2:

If the payment is made according to the length of service, the direct result is that the pension payment is chaotic and can not match the actual situation of the region. We should know that in some first tier cities, the amount of subsidy is relatively high. If we really pay according to the length of service and there is no subsidy at all, some elderly people may have the situation of "insufficient living". We all know the principle of paying more and paying more for a long time. However, many people will lose their interest in social security according to their working hours, and many even abandon their insurance.

Will it be better to pay pension directly according to length of service in 2019? At present, there is still no answer.

Of course, everyone's environment is different, and the way of looking at the problem will be different. What do you think?