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How to often be hungry during losing weight? These six tips are easy to eliminate hunger

What to do if you are easy to be hungry during weight loss. When you are faced with food on the way to lose weight, you will frequently 'foul'. Then how can you reverse your hunger? This is a common problem of many people who lose weight. How can you do if you are easy to be hungry during weight loss?

How to do easily hungry during weight loss

The first step to lose weight: beat the 'bad' hunger

After dinner, you are hungry not long after dinner? Eat some extra food to resist hunger, but I didn't expect that the more you eat, the more hungry you are. This unhealthy hunger is a bad signal from body perception, which makes you want to eat all the time. However, if you deliberately control it and do not meet the current signal from your body, your body will be unhappy, and it will send a stronger signal to let you overeat.

So usually not very hungry, to the meal point is hungry, this normal sense of hunger is very important for weight loss Oh, how to open the switch to establish a healthy sense of hunger, Xiaobian to decrypt for you!

Six moves to defeat hunger

1. Eat more food rich in dietary fiber

Do people not make the benefits of dietary fiber? Intake of enough dietary fiber, not only low calorie, but also can enrich our intestines and stomach, let people have a 'full' feeling, is the master of satiety, by reducing the intake of calories, the body began to consume fat and achieve the purpose of weight loss.

These dietary fiber can also improve the intestinal environment, help increase the number of beneficial bacteria, and maintain intestinal health.

Eat these:

Green leafy vegetables, broccoli, oats, whole wheat bread, sweet potato, brown rice grains, fungi, fruits, etc. are rich in dietary fiber. Oh, remember to eat more every day!

2. Eat high protein, low-fat food

To eat enough protein during weight loss, protein needs a long time to digest. An experimental study conducted by the University of Sydney in Australia found that the intake of appropriate amount of protein is more conducive to controlling appetite and reducing the intake of fat. Adequate protein can make your body less prone to hunger and avoid receiving the signal of overeating when not eating.

Eat these:

Lean meat, fish and shrimp, chicken breast, milk, beans, quinoa, etc. are high protein and low-fat food. It has a sense of fullness and can make the body absorb the necessary nutrition, so it is easier to lose weight.

3. Have a healthy snack between meals

There are two time points in the day that will make you feel a little hungry. One is 10 a.m., when the body's metabolism is faster; Another is 3-4 p.m., the body's glucose content is low, at this time you can add meals, eat healthy snacks such as nuts (10 grams or so), yogurt, bananas, soy milk or fruit, can help prevent eating too much at dinner, and effectively control appetite!

The calories of an extra meal should not exceed 200 calories. Of course, if you arrange an extra meal for yourself, you should eat less for the dinner, so as to ensure that the total calories of the day do not exceed the standard.

4. Adjust meal order

Everyone may be confused. When you are full of vegetable salad, corn soup, fruit plate, steak and chicken leg, what do you eat first? The order of eating also determines whether you eat more or less!

1. Eat fruit

Large volume, less calories, eat before meals is conducive to control the heat, vitamins inside can be better absorbed by the human body

2. Drink soup

Water, will let the stomach feel full, now the stomach is half full

3. Eat vegetables

Vegetables contain dietary fiber and vitamins to make you feel full

4. Eat high protein food, meat dishes, such as steak and chicken

This kind of food helps to replenish protein

5. Eating rice staple food

At this time, the stomach has been seven full, a little rice can make the stomach more full, blood sugar will not rise so fast

This kind of meal sequence can naturally control your food intake. It can not only ensure the intake of adequate nutrition, but also avoid excessive fat. It is not a problem to be seven full.

5. Three meals should be regular

In order to lose weight, a lot of people will starve and have a full meal. However, studies have found that when people are hungry, they will tend to eat high-fat and high-sugar foods, eat more energy, and lose control of the body's hunger perception, sending out the signal of hunger at any time.

When people eat, the digestive system will be mobilized to secrete digestive enzymes. If it is kept regular, the memory of brain and stomach will be formed, and it will work automatically at meal point, which is conducive to controlling the body's hunger and fullness switch. Therefore, it is suggested that breakfast should be arranged between 6:30-8:30, lunch 11:30-13:30, and dinner 18:00-19:30, so that the digestive system can know its working time, It's easier to control your body.

6. Eat slowly

It takes 20 minutes for the brain to receive the signal of satiety. If you eat too fast and you don't have time to remind your brain that you are full, you will eat too many calories and become very full. Chewing slowly can prolong the meal time and stimulate the satiety nerve center. Therefore, it is easier to control the body and avoid overeating.