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What are the words of blessing mother on March 8th women's day? Women's Day SMS warm greetings

Today is the annual March 8 women's day. On this day, we must give our dear mother a call and send a blessing message. Next, let's take a look at the words of women's day.

Best wishes for mothers on women's Day


1、 Without you, there would be no me, without you, there would be no sorrow of tens of colds and heats, nor my laughter in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Thank you for all the wonderful things and growth in my life. Dear mother, I wish you a happy holiday!

2、 The tree height does not leave the root, the mother's love is like the deep sea, the child inch grass heart, difficult to report the three spring sunshine. The branches and leaves always close the feelings, and the heart leads the children. Whispers are always on the ear, exhortations and warm hearts. Mother's love accompanied by the end of the world, I wish mom a happy holiday, happy every day.

3、 The annual women's Day is coming again. Although I'm not around you, I still miss you very much. Thousands of mountains and rivers can't stop my concern for you. I wish you a happy holiday!

4、 My growth is engraved on the horizontal bar on your forehead; my indulgence is the vertical bar engraved in the center of your eyebrows; my joy is the fish tail carved in the corner of your eyes; my success is the dimple on your lips, mom, you have worked hard!

5、 Mom, your eyes are blooming, I do your eyes, looking for happiness for you; your hands are old, I do your hands, for you to describe happiness. Women's Day is coming. I wish you happiness and health in advance. I love you!

6、 Mom, I hope that in the future, you can be more happy and less worried; more relaxed, less tired; more leisure, less busy; more smile, less worry. Mother's Day is coming, I wish you a happy holiday!

7、 In this special festival, I send you three friends: one to accompany you for life, one to accompany you around, and the other to stay in your heart! Their names are health, peace and happiness! Please accept it!

8、 A comb can't comb out the mother's worries. You always hang your children in your heart, raise your children and do it for your grandchildren. If you are busy in the house, you have to be busy outside. Today is women's day, mom, you should have a good rest!

9、 Mom, on the road of my growth, you have paved the road cornerstone of care. In my confused life, you have lighted the beacon of care. In my confused mind, you poured the gentle agent of care. Mom, you have worked hard, thank you, I love you!

10、 Unable to modify an opponent, bring out warmth forever behind, even if wordy always concerned, do not know how to cherish too guilty & hellip; & hellip; in this special day, mom, please allow me to say aloud: really love you!


1、 Bitter life, pull me to grow up; worry about my life, pave the way for me; nagging all my life, every word is care; running all my life, only hope that I am safe. Women's Day is coming. I wish my dear mother health and safety!

2、 A piece of wheat and rice yellow, one after another pear white, spring breeze blowing back from the swallow! A sound baby, a sound of my child, unforgettable mother's love! Goddess's Day is coming, I also want to sincerely wish you: health forever, beautiful forever!

3、 When the goddess's Day is coming, I personally cook a bowl of filial piety Soup for you: one grateful heart, two pistachios, three health pills, four pairs of longevity agents, five Ping'an grasses, and six flavor lucky powder. Wish mom a happy holiday.

4、 March 8 Mother's Day! Dear mother: Carnation represents my love and gratitude! Your son loves you all his life! Dear mother, I deeply wish you peace, health, beauty and happiness!

5、 Meet pain three points, born to add chaos, children do not understand, often make you angry. After being a parent, I was deeply aware of my mother's reading. Today's goddess's Day is full of filial piety. SMS before the war, wish mother more happy, health is my wish. Love yourself more, keep a good attitude, children less care, your beauty is sunny.

6、 Women's Day is coming, and I have nothing to give you. Send you 50000 yuan: ten thousand to be happy, ten thousand to be comfortable, ten thousand to be healthy, ten thousand to live long, and, never to worry about me. Happy holidays.

7、 Children sleep in your arms, children grow up under your care, children fly in your smile, children are brilliant under your eyes! 38 women's Day is coming, present a bunch of carnations, wish mother health every year, happiness!

8、 I'd like to send you my freshest birthday wishes. I hope you can enjoy it easily and make up for your hard work. Wish you a happy holiday and wish come true!

9、 The sky is fluttering with colorful banners, the roof is flashing with countless magic lamps, you are full of smoke, peaceful chanting sound, I pray to Sanbao, I wish my mother a happy holiday. May the Buddha bless you!

10、 Looking at a trace of my mother's white hair, a deepening wrinkles, years of hard work to nurture my adult mother, in this belongs to your festival, please accept my deepest wishes to you: happy holiday, always young!