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What are the benefits of boiling silkworm root water? Effect of silkworm root boiling water and its

Mulberry root is a traditional Chinese medicine, we only heard that mulberry leaves can raise silkworms, mulberry can eat fresh, or drink wine. In fact, mulberry is a treasure all over the body. Not only the leaves and fruits are effective, but also the bark, root and even SAP have medicinal effects. So what are the benefits of boiling silkworm roots? Silkworm root effect boiling water and function to understand.

The use history of mulberry root as a medicine should start from ancient times. It is recorded in Shennong materia medica classic that mulberry root is cold and sweet, and it belongs to lung meridian; it is beneficial to water detumescence, moisten lung, relieve asthma, dispel wind and dredge collaterals.

In the folk mulberry root is generally used to treat alopecia, a week gradually effective. Use mulberry root four money, vinegar 2 liang, water 2 jin, burn open cool after shampoo. It can promote the capillary flow of the head, improve the effect of hair loss, and has the effect of fixing hair and raising hair.

Note: there are many reasons for hair loss. In daily life, we should develop to eat less greasy and spicy food, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, and supplement more foods containing vitamin B. And no matter how busy you are, you must have enough sleep time. This is the radical cure of traditional Chinese medicine.

The main functions of mulberry root are as follows:

1. The mulberry roots collected in "Minnan folk herbs" have the effect of treating red eye. Red eye refers to red eye disease, which must have been infected by many people as a child. With mulberry root (fresh) 30 grams, boiled water to drink, or in the morning with mulberry root and pig liver together, has the effect of treating red eye disease.

2. In fact, many medical books have recorded the effect of mulberry root. For example, in "commonly used Chinese herbal medicine in Shanghai", it is used to treat eclampsia. Generally speaking, it is used to treat "convulsion". Can use mulberry root boiled water to drink, the best is to add pig's feet with stew, complement each other, the effect is better.

3. In most famous Chinese medical books, mulberry root has the effect of treating muscle and bone pain. It is used for rehabilitation of injury, rheumatism and fracture. With mulberry root powder, or chopped, or grinding juice decocting, according to the disease and choose. Moreover, the longer the mulberry root is, the higher its medicinal value is.

Contemporary medical records:

Mulberry root contains essential oil, Morin, glucoside and other trace elements, which proves the medicinal value of mulberry root. In addition to the above described efficacy, mulberry root also has the effect of lowering blood pressure, blood sugar and anti AIDS.

So what are the side effects? Modern medicine has not found any side effects.