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Can the core in the middle of the wax mist be eaten? What can't we eat with wax fog

Wax apple is a very special fruit, rarely seen in the market, but can be seen in the general supermarket, like friends can try Oh, so for the friends who have not eaten, isn't it more novel? Can the sponge heart in the middle of the wax apple be eaten?

Can the cotton in the wax apple be eaten

It's as edible as the fruit.

Notes on edible wax apple

1. The bottom of the wax apple is easy to hide dirty things. It is better to soak it in salt water before eating, and squeeze out the navel at the bottom of the fruit.

2. It is better to control 2-3 wax apples every day.

Can the heart in the wax mist be eaten

It can be eaten.

Wax apple is a fruit with skin to eat, and when you eat it, you should bite it together with the skin to make it crisp. It's edible in the middle, but it's easy to hide dirty things at the bottom of the fruit. It's better to wash it with water and soak it in a little salt water. When eating, you can cut off the navel at the bottom of the fruit. It is suggested that the pit on the top of the fruit should be removed before eating raw wax fog, and the handle should be cut off, and then dipped with licorice, salt or sugar for better flavor. In addition, the wax apple can be cut in half, which is more convenient to eat, but the whole one can fully enjoy the crispy taste. The more you eat, the more sweet you can eat.

With a special fragrance, wax mist is a natural antipyretic agent, containing more water, so it has diuretic, antipyretic, tranquilizing effect. Children with dyspepsia, can also be used with wax spray mixed with salt to eat, has the role of digestion. Adults can also produce fluid to quench thirst. Because it contains magnesium and calcium, they can relax muscles and nerves, relax body and mind, avoid nervousness and irritability, and help sleep. In addition, the carbohydrates contained in the wax mist can supplement the glucose consumed by the brain, alleviate the fatigue, irritability, dizziness, insomnia, sweating at night, inattention, forgetfulness and other phenomena of the brain caused by the lack of glucose supply, so as to achieve the effect of calming the mind.

Although the nutritional value of wax apple is high, traditional Chinese medicine believes that the attribute of wax apple is relatively cool. It is recommended that people with cold constitution should take a small amount of it, especially for women who will have pain when the physiological period comes. At the same time, it also has diuretic effect, and people with frequent urination should not eat more. In addition, those with gastric ulcer should avoid taking it on an empty stomach.

What can't you eat with wax fog

1. Wax apple can not be eaten with cucumber: wax apple is a fruit rich in vitamin C, and cucumber contains a vitamin C decomposing enzyme, which can destroy the vitamin C component in the wax apple and affect the human body's absorption of nutrient elements in the wax apple. Therefore, it is not suitable to eat the wax apple and cucumber together.

2. Wax apple can not be eaten together with strong cold food materials: it has the attribute of slight cold and cannot be eaten on an empty stomach to avoid diarrhea, abdominal pain and other symptoms. If you eat with other high cold food materials, it will aggravate the cold in the body, especially some friends with body deficiency and cold stomach will have symptoms such as gastrointestinal discomfort after eating.

3. Wax apple can't be eaten with shrimp: the vitamin C contained in wax apple and arsenic pentoxide in shrimp will have chemical reaction, which will produce toxic arsenic trioxide. If the two are taken together, there will be slight toxic reactions such as nausea, dizziness and indigestion.

OK, the introduction of wax apple is here first. If you like to eat it, you should pay attention to it. There are still some taboos to pay attention to.