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How to pay endowment insurance of rural household registration? How many years does rural endowment

in urban areas, there is pension insurance for urban employees. In rural areas, in order to protect the pension conditions of the majority of farmers, the state has implemented a new rural endowment insurance system. How to pay the rural household endowment insurance? How many years does rural endowment insurance pay? Let's take a look at it.

How to pay rural endowment insurance in 2018?

There are three forms of rural endowment insurance: regular payment, irregular payment and one-time payment.

1. Regular payment: this method is adopted in areas and people with stable or relatively rich income. For example, the township enterprises can pay the premium monthly and quarterly, while the farmers in the rich areas can pay the premium by half a year or by year. The amount of premium can be paid according to the proportion of income or a certain amount;

2. Irregular payment: a method adopted in most areas due to unstable income. Pay more in good years, less in less, and delay in bad years. When the family income is good, it can not be paid when it is bad;

3. One time payment: most of them are older farmers who will pay the premium in full once according to their old age security level, until they are 60 years old and receive pension according to regulations.

What is the payment method of rural endowment insurance?

(1) Individual payment. Rural residents participating in the new rural insurance shall pay endowment insurance premium according to the regulations. The payment standard is set to be 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 300 yuan, 400 yuan and 500 yuan per year, and local governments can increase the payment level according to the actual situation. The insured choose their own level of payment, more pay more. According to the growth of per capita net income of rural residents, the state timely adjusts the level of payment.

(2) Collective subsidy. If conditions permit, the village collective shall give subsidies to the insured, and the subsidy standard shall be determined democratically by the villagers' committee at a villagers' meeting. Other economic organizations, social welfare organizations and individuals are encouraged to provide financial assistance for the insured.

(3) Government subsidies. The government fully pays the basic pension of the new rural insurance to the eligible insured. The central government gives full subsidy to the central and western regions according to the basic pension standard determined by the central government, and 50% subsidy to the eastern region.

The local government shall give subsidies to the insured, and the subsidy standard shall not be less than 30 yuan per person per year; for those who choose to pay at a higher level, appropriate encouragement may be given, and the specific standards and measures shall be determined by the provincial (district or municipal) people's government. The local government will pay part or all of the minimum standard endowment insurance for the rural groups with severe disability and other payment difficulties.

What are the conditions of rural endowment insurance?

1. Rural workers of all walks of life who are over 16 years old and under 60 years old with non urban registered permanent residence, including farmers in the administrative region of the province, migrant workers and businessmen, employees of township enterprises, private teachers, rural compulsory soldiers, township cadres, etc., may participate in rural endowment insurance at the rural social endowment insurance agency in the place of residence, excluding school students;

2. The insured shall voluntarily participate in the endowment insurance and pay the endowment insurance premium in the village committee, community or township (town) rural social endowment insurance agency where the insured's registered permanent residence is located.

3. Township enterprises can apply for endowment insurance for their employees in local enterprises. People who go out to work and go to business attend insurance in their domicile.

How many years does rural endowment insurance pay?

According to the guiding opinions of the State Council on carrying out the pilot project of new rural social endowment insurance (GF [2009] No. 32), when the new rural insurance system is implemented (implemented in September 2009), those who have reached the age of 60 and do not enjoy the basic endowment insurance treatment of urban employees do not need to pay fees, and can receive basic pension monthly, but their children who meet the insurance conditions should participate in the insurance and pay fees; If it is less than 15 years from the age of receiving, the payment shall be made on an annual basis, and it is also allowed to make up the payment, and the accumulative payment shall not exceed 15 years; if it is more than 15 years, the payment shall be made annually, and the accumulative payment shall not be less than 15 years.