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What does pregnant woman anaemia eat? Diet recommendation of anemia and blood tonic for pregnant wom

Anemia of pregnant women is the most common concurrent symptoms during pregnancy, mild just feel a little uncomfortable, heavy may cause life and health threats to pregnant women and fetus, then how to do with anemia during pregnancy? What is the best to eat during pregnancy? Follow the small make-up to understand it.

What does pregnant woman anaemia eat?

1. Food rich in iron

Anemia of pregnant women is mostly caused by iron deficiency, so we should pay attention to the supplement of iron during the period of anemia of pregnant women. The source of iron element in food is wide. Animal food is the first choice, and then plant food is rich in iron.

Animal food recommendation: pig blood, duck blood, pig liver, chicken liver, stewed beef, eggs, etc.

Plant food recommendations: pickles, red dates, beans, spinach, etc.

2. Foods rich in vitamins

There is often a problem in obtaining iron from food - poor absorption and utilization. Therefore, in order to improve the absorption of iron in food, we must supplement enough vitamins, especially the food rich in vitamin C, which can oxidize the iron ions that are not easy to be absorbed into iron ions that can be absorbed and utilized by the body. Vitamin rich food preferred fruits and vegetables, so pregnant women anemia should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

In addition, we should pay attention to the supplement of protein at the same time of iron supplement, which is also an auxiliary blood tonic.

Blood tonic diet for pregnant women

1. Porridge with pig liver

Pig liver is a good iron supplement. In addition to iron, it is also rich in essential vitamin B, phosphorus and other elements for the human body. It is made into porridge, which is refreshing and easy to digest. It is suitable for pregnant women to replenish blood.

Materials: pig liver 100-150 g, rice 100 g; onion, ginger, oil, salt appropriate amount.

Methods: the pig liver is washed and cut into small pieces for standby; the onion and ginger are washed and cut off for standby; the pig liver and rice, onion, ginger, oil and salt are put into the pot together, and the appropriate amount of water is added to boil into porridge.

2. Congee with chicken juice and Astragalus

Astragalus membranaceus and chicken are good for pregnant women with anemia and weakness.

Materials: 1 hen, 15g Astragalus membranaceus and 100g rice.

Method: wash the hen meat and put it into the pot. Add appropriate amount of it to boil it into thick chicken juice. Fry the Astragalus membranaceus in another pot. Then add chicken juice and astragalus root juice to rice and boil it into porridge.