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Can you accept that the hotel will cancel six small pieces of sanitary products

In the future, you may have to bring your own toothbrush and slippers when you stay in the hotel. Can you accept that the hotel or cancel 6 small pieces of slippers? According to the relevant provisions of "Shanghai municipal solid waste management regulations", Shanghai will promote the hotel and catering industry to restrict or reduce the use of disposable products. Although the regulations will come into effect on July 1 this year, some hotels have taken action in advance, but some hotels are still worried.

Toothbrush, toothpaste, toiletries, slippers and other items provided in guest rooms are called "six small pieces" in the industry. In a hotel in Shanghai, the reporter saw that the six small disposable items in the guest room were still provided free of charge. However, when cleaning the room, the staff do not directly discard the disposable items, but collect the recyclable parts.

A hotel room staff: roll paper and other things to the office, they get the logistics, where you need to use it.

Plastic straws have been replaced with degradable paper straws in hotel cafes and are only available on request, and used capsule coffee is reused.

Hotel lobby staff: this shell is made of aluminum. After recycling, it can be used to make some aluminum products. The coffee grounds inside can be used as fertilizer for vegetables. Therefore, they will be recycled after use.

However, there are still some concerns about the complete cancellation of the 'six small pieces'.

Person in charge of an economical hotel: to consider the feelings of guests, it is not allowed to provide disposable items. If the provision must be paid, the loss will be particularly large for the hotel. After all, there is the saying of competitiveness.

Consumers have different opinions on whether the "six small pieces" should be cancelled.

Hotel guest: it's not convenient. It's not convenient to take it with you.

Shanghai resident: after all, not everyone can use these things, but after all, it will cause waste.

It is understood that at present, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism is widely soliciting opinions on the catalogue of disposable articles in the hotel industry, which will be released in May at the latest. Whether the six small pieces can be provided and free of charge will have a clear industry agreement.