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What are the backpacks within 200 yuan? Brand recommendation of comfortable and practical Backpack

Backpacks are comfortable and free. Both student party members and office workers are suitable and like to carry them. There are many kinds and brands of backpacks on the market. Many people don't know how to choose. Today, I'd like to introduce some brands of backpacks within 200 yuan. Let's have a look.


The backpack of jansports brand is divided into many series, which are suitable for all aspects of the cost of living. The material is waterproof, wear-resistant and tough. The front bag is practical in color (red, yellow, blue, green and purple). It has super large capacity and can hold anything. It is impossible to plan the interior!


This brand is a young brand emerging in South Korea in recent years. The backpack is divided into nylon and leather. The leather looks like the Korean version in appearance. The schoolbag made of nylon material is especially suitable for going out for carrying, because there are many partitions in it and the capacity is also large.

Jules et Jim

The design of tweed is very popular with designers in China. It's a classic navy style. Many compartments, good design style, good storage box, each detail reflects the humanization.


The biggest feature of MCM leather is handmade. The second feature is that each product has a bronze plate with a unique number on it. Only a few international brands will have a different code on each of their products, so each product of MCM will be very delicate and precious like an artwork.