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Can mortgage bank house property be bought and sold? How to operate mortgage real estate

with the rise of house prices, more and more people are buying houses by mortgage. Loan to buy a house is generally to repay the loan, the term will be as long as 20 or 30 years, then mortgage bank real estate can be bought and sold? How to operate mortgage real estate? Let's take a look at it.

Generally speaking, the house with loan is still in mortgage state and cannot be listed for trading. However, in the actual operation, we can also realize the sale of houses with loans through some methods.

The specific methods are as follows:

1、 Is to the bank is to apply for mortgage loans, is to pay off the remaining mortgage loans, if your mortgage is surplus is too much and is unable to handle the transfer of mortgage procedures, then you can be considered through the bank loan is to pay off the remaining mortgage. The seller can be based on their own actual situation, is the name of other collateral is to the bank is to apply for mortgage loans, but to settle the mortgage loan of the house. Wait until the buyer's payment is the loan, and then pay off the bank's mortgage.

2、 Transfer mortgage to mortgage refers to the house sold by the borrower as collateral. With the consent of the loan bank, the buyer of the house will continue to repay the overdue loan of the seller. In other words, if you want to sell a house with a loan, you need to transfer the mortgage of the house to the buyer, and let the buyer continue to repay the seller's mortgage loan. Second hand housing market is the existence of peer mortgage and inter-bank re mortgage two cases. The reason is that the buyer's credit, willingness to loan, monthly supply capacity, and the arrangement of funds for house purchase are not the same. While transferring the mortgage, the buyer can apply for different loan terms, loan amount and repayment methods according to their own needs. However, the use of this method will be limited. Many banks have different policies for the transfer of mortgage. In practice, few banks can handle the business of refinancing. Therefore, few people can use this method.

3、 The seller's is to use the buyer's down payment to pay off the remaining loan. The seller's down payment is to pay off the remaining loan. This method is widely used by everyone. It is suitable for some original owners whose loan amount is low or has already paid off a large amount of loan, and the amount of the remaining loan is not large.

Generally, the down payment of a second-hand house can be in the range of 30% to 40% of the total transaction value of the real estate. If the loan amount is not much, the seller can make full use of the buyer's down payment to pay off the remaining mortgage, and then go to the bank and other relevant departments to cancel the mortgage registration of the property, This is the next step of the transaction. The operation of this method is simple, and it is very suitable for sellers who don't have many loans. After paying off the mortgage, it will be safer to carry out the next transaction. This method may be troublesome to operate, but it is not an impractical method for sellers who want to sell houses with loans. The above is how to sell houses with loans in three ways, I hope the above content is to help you smoothly sell the house, deal with the relevant business.