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What and what can't durian eat with? Don't touch the food after eating durian

After eating durian drink milk can sudden death? A message has been circulated in the wechat circle of friends that Chinese tourists drink milk after eating durian, causing caffeine poisoning, blood pressure surge and sudden death of heart disease. The Post said: 'Thailand has a clear rule that dairy products cannot be consumed for eight hours after consuming large quantities of durian. 'is that true?

Durian milk with eat can sudden death?

Caffeine is mainly found in herbs, coffee and other plants. Therefore, this news from the perspective of nutrition analysis, seems to be unreasonable. If sudden death is real, then its occurrence can only be said to be purely accidental. The tourist is likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases. In addition, he has to eat too much durian and drink a lot of milk, which will lead to excessive heat and fluid volume, increase the heart burden and induce sudden death due to acute heart attack.

As for eating durian after 8 hours can not drink milk is not tenable. Take the desserts we often eat, such as durian ice cream, durian puffs, durian thousand layer cake, etc., which are made by mixing fresh cream or condensed milk with durian. Fresh cream and condensed milk are processed from fresh milk, but there are no reported cases of life-threatening caused by eating these desserts.

In addition, although drinking durian after eating will not cause death, but if the amount of consumption is not appropriate, it is not conducive to human health, so it is better to eat at staggered peak.

Durian can't be eaten with what

The main foods that can't be eaten with durian are: crab, mangosteen, beef and mutton, coke, eggplant, etc.

1. Durian cannot be eaten with crabs. It's easy to cause stomach discomfort.

2. Durian and Mangosteen at the same time, although can avoid the fire, but it may cause constipation. Because these two kinds of fruit are rich in cellulose, in the intestines and stomach will be bloated, excessive consumption will block the intestinal tract, causing constipation.

3. Durian can not be eaten with warm food, such as beef, mutton, dog meat and seafood. Because these foods belong to dry and hot things. Eating them together will lead to inflammation or other diseases or induce previous diseases.

4. Durian can't be eaten with coke. Don't drink coke after eating durian, because Coke is a carbonated beverage containing caffeine. Eating with durian can easily lead to sudden cardiac death.

5. Durian cannot be eaten with eggplant. Because eggplant and durian together will be very hot, not good for the health.

What should you pay attention to when eating Durian?

1. Durian contains high potassium, so kidney disease and heart patients, should eat less.

2. Durian should not be eaten more once. If you smell durian with alcohol, it means it has deteriorated and should not be eaten.

3. Durian juice is sticky, easy to block the throat, trachea, cause asphyxia, the elderly should pay special attention to eat less, eat slowly.

4. In addition, after eating durian should drink more water, or eat some fruit with more moisture to relieve dry heat, such as pear, watermelon and so on. In addition, put some salt on the fruit nest of durian shell and drink it together with water, which can relieve dry heat very well.