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Where is the best cherry blossom in Japan in 2019? Japanese Cherry Blossom appreciation strategy

March is the cherry blossom season in Japan. Will many people take a plane to see the cherry blossom? When it comes to Japan, you may think of cherry blossom first. Is it a very happy thing to roam under the cherry trees and play with friends? Then, where to go to Japan to watch cherry blossoms is better?

When is the best time to see cherry blossom in Japan

Resort 1: Nara Park

Recommended attractions: meet lovely deer in the cherry blossom jungle

Nara Park covers an area of 660 hectares, including Dongda temple, Xingfu temple, zhengcangyuan and other places of interest inherited from the era of Tianping. It is a grand historical park with green trees. The most famous deer are the deer of the spring day society. They are regarded as the messengers of God and are taken good care of by people.

There are about 1700 cherry trees of different varieties in Nara Park of Japan, especially the eight and nine cherry trees in Nara Park. Here, you can feel the green ecological atmosphere of cherry trees and sika deer.


Flowering: late March and late April

Address: zaisimachi, Nara City, Nara County

Transportation: about 10 minutes walk from Nara station

Other attractions of the park: Xianglu pool, ruocao Mountain foothills, Dongta ruins, Xingfu temple area, barren pool, spring wild garden, Dongda temple

Resort 2: Qianguang Temple Park

Highlight: Cherry Blossom experience in island scenery

Japan's qianguangsi park is behind the Weidao station, from the top of qianguangsi mountain at an altitude of 137 meters to the mountainside, it is a famous place for enjoying cherry blossoms. In qianguangsi Park, there are nearly 10000 cherry blossoms, such as Prunus salicina and Prunus laevigata.

In April, standing on the outlook platform at the top of the mountain, you can have a panoramic view of the cherry blossom opposite from the street view of Weidao to the island scenery of Seto Inland Sea, which is also the best place to enjoy cherry blossom.


The park also has a municipal art gallery, literature path and garden area, so it is very popular with children.

Flowering: early April and mid April

Address: 19-1, xitutang Town, Weidao, Hiroshima

Transportation: it takes about 5 minutes to get to the Yangtze River Estuary by bus from Jr Weidao station, or about 15 minutes on foot, and 3 minutes from here by qianguangsi mountain cableway crane

Resort 3: Yoshino mountain

Highlight: the inspiration of the literary giant

The third famous place to enjoy cherry trees in Japan is mount Yoshino, which is located in the center of Nara County geographically. Because of the ancient belief of offering cherry seedlings to the king's Hall of jinfengshan temple, cherry trees were planted in the mountains nearby. Many Japanese literati have praised the cherry blossom here in their works.

Every spring here, the main cherry trees are Baishan cherry trees, up to 30000 trees. From the foothills of the mountain area - xiaqianben, zhongqianben, shangqianben, aoqianben, they bloom successively, lasting for about one month. You can see the sea full of pink flowers.


Flowering: early April and late April

Address: Yoshino Town, Yoshino Prefecture, Nara County

Transportation: it takes about 3 minutes to get to jiyeshan station by ropeway crane from Jiye station on the near railway

The national flower of Japan, cherry blossom, is really a very romantic flower. When you think about walking under the cherry tree with your lover from black hair to white head, you will find this scene warm and romantic. So the above small make-up think you recommend Japan Cherry Blossom resort, must go to see.