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How long does it take for parents to transfer their ownership of the house? What is the process of r

at present, most young people are still under great pressure. Most of them are parents who have made plans in advance to prepare houses for their children. Many people ask how long it will take for parents to transfer their houses? What is the process of property certificate transfer? Let's take a look at the details.

It usually takes 30 days.

1、 Transfer process of house property certificate:

1. Go to the "registration information, verification protocol" window to register information, access to the Internet and protocol verification procedures;

2. Go to the 'real estate appraisal' window to handle the assessment procedures;

3. Go to the 'notarization' window for notarization procedures;

(1) The ID card or household register of the applicant and its copy;

(2) If an agent applies on his behalf, the entrusted agent shall submit the power of attorney, ID card and its copy; other agents shall submit the certificate of agency qualification;

(3) The property right certificate of the inherited property;

(4) Death certificate of the deceased;

(5) If the legal heir has died, death certificate and kinship certificate shall be submitted;

(6) Proof of the decedent's marriage, parents and children's conditions, and relevant certificates of kinship;

(7) Other certificates and materials that notaries think should be submitted;

4. Go to the "private house transaction" window for transaction procedures;

5. Pay stamp duty at the 'deed tax and stamp duty' window;

6. Go to the "property registration and certification" window to handle the "house ownership certificate" renaming procedures.

2、 Materials required for property ownership transfer:

(1) Application for registration;

(2) Identification of the applicant;

(3) House ownership certificate or real estate ownership certificate;

(4) Materials proving the transfer of house ownership;

It can be a sales contract, an exchange contract, a gift contract, a legacy certificate, an inheritance certificate, a division agreement, a merger agreement, a legal document effective by the people's court or the Arbitration Commission, or other materials proving the transfer of the ownership of the house.

Extended data:

Property transfer process:

1. If the house property certificate transfer does not go through the real estate intermediary, the contract terms and breach of contract terms must be clearly written. When signing the contract, the party named on the house property certificate of the seller must be present (if married, both husband and wife are required to be present and sign, even if there is only one person's name on the property certificate).

2. After the application materials are ready, you must go to the real estate bureau and fill in some forms and a stock contract. The amount of money in the stock contract must be the same as that in the signed contract.

3. After the application materials for property transfer are submitted to the real estate bureau, the real estate bureau will give a receipt to pay taxes according to the date stated on the receipt, which generally takes about 15 working days.

4. After paying the property transfer tax, you can get the property certificate.