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How much does rural pension pay a month? How is rural endowment insurance calculated

For non urban registered permanent residence farmers, the state has a policy, that is rural endowment insurance. Farmers pay a certain amount of money every year, and when they are old, they can get a certain amount of money every month to ensure their living. I think many people want to know, how much do rural pension pay in a month? How does rural endowment insurance calculate? Let's have a look.

1、 How much does rural endowment insurance pay in 2018 a month

The payment standard of rural endowment insurance is 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 300 yuan, 400 yuan, 500 yuan, 600 yuan, 700 yuan, 800 yuan, 900 yuan, 1000 yuan, 1500 yuan, 2000 yuan. Farmers voluntarily choose the level of payment and receive pension according to the principle of paying more and getting more. If you pay more, you will get more money when you are old. This is best decided by the income of farmers themselves. If the payment is interrupted due to other reasons, it can be adjusted according to the rural endowment insurance policy: a one-time supplementary payment of 90000 yuan old-age insurance is allowed, and after 60 years of age, a monthly pension of 1000 yuan can be obtained. As for the payment of rural endowment insurance, we can make independent choice according to different grades and pay by year. According to different local policies, the payment standard will be different.

2、 Payment methods of rural endowment insurance

1. When choosing insurance for parents around 50, you can focus on accident insurance. Because accident insurance has the characteristics of low premium and high personal security, the premium rate of insurance before the age of 65 is mostly the same as that of young people. The first choice is accident insurance and accidental medical insurance.

2. Pension problem, because of its saving nature, the premium paid is relatively high. According to one's economic ability, if the economic income is good, we can consider giving some to the parents. The purpose is not only to provide a certain amount of pension, but also to make the parents financially independent.

3. As for the protection of serious illness, we should act according to our ability! Because they are relatively old, the premium is much more expensive.

3、 Calculation method of rural endowment insurance

The calculation formula of rural endowment insurance is: monthly pension treatment = basic pension + total personal account / 139. Among them, the level of basic pension depends on the average payment index of individuals. At the same time, the average payment index of individual in the calculation method of rural endowment insurance is quite special, which is easy to be confused by many people. In fact, the average payment index of an individual refers to the average value of the ratio of the actual payment base and the average social wage over the years.

In understanding the calculation method of rural endowment insurance, there is a concept that we should make clear is the individual account pension, because the state establishes a lifelong record of individual pension account for each new rural insurance participant. The composition of individual account pension is composed of individual payment, collective subsidy and other economic organizations, social welfare organizations, individual subsidies to the insured, and local government subsidies to the insured. At the same time, the interest of personal account deposits is calculated by referring to the one-year deposit interest rate of financial institutions published by the people's Bank of China. Because the individual account pension of each age group is different, for example, the calculation method of getting pension at 60 years old is: monthly pension = 0.008631526 * storage amount (attached: new policy of employee pension insurance).

To sum up, the payment standards of rural endowment insurance in 2018 are 100 yuan, 200 yuan, 300 yuan, 400 yuan, 500 yuan, 600 yuan, 700 yuan, 800 yuan, 900 yuan, 1000 yuan, 1500 yuan and 2000 yuan per year. Farmers choose the level of payment voluntarily. If you have other questions, you can visit the legal express website for free, and we will answer your difficulties.