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Why does pregnant woman need calcium? What good does pregnant woman take calcium

Pregnant women are a special group, in the process of giving birth to a child, it needs a lot of nutrition to support the growth of pregnant women and fetus. So in pregnancy is the need for pregnant women to supplement calcium, so as to deliver more nutrition to the baby, then why do pregnant women need calcium?

Why do pregnant women need calcium?

Under normal circumstances, pregnant women need 1200 mg of calcium a day. In addition to being absorbed from food, take an additional 600-800 mg of calcium. So it's not enough for pregnant women to rely solely on calcium in their diet. If the maternal calcium deficiency is serious, it can cause muscle spasm, leg cramps and hand and foot convulsions, as well as osteoporosis and osteomalacia in pregnant women.

The best time of calcium supplement for pregnant women

Pregnant women are generally 20 weeks after pregnancy, doctors will recommend that pregnant women start to supplement calcium, to 27 weeks of pregnancy, 28 weeks later, with the rapid growth of the fetus, it is necessary to supplement calcium, and do not like to eat meat and soy products pregnant women should start earlier.

When eating calcium tablets, you can choose a small dose of calcium tablets, two or three times a day. Similarly, if 500 ml milk is divided into 2-3 times, the effect of calcium supplement is better than that of drinking it all once.

How should pregnant women effectively supplement calcium?

Pregnant women usually can eat more milk, cheese, eggs, bean products, kelp, laver, shrimp skin, sesame, hawthorn, sea fish, vegetables and so on. These foods can increase calcium intake and promote calcium absorption.

In addition, pregnant women should be supplemented with vitamin D when taking extra calcium supplements. Vitamin D can regulate the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus and promote the absorption of calcium. In addition to taking vitamin D, it can also be synthesized in the body by sun exposure. Every day as long as in the sunshine outdoor activity for more than half an hour, you can synthesize enough vitamin D. It can cause nausea, vomiting and other side effects.