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Why are there so many tornadoes in America? The cause of tornadoes in the United States

Tornadoes are very powerful, and often hit people unprepared when they appear. However, tornadoes are not common in China, and tornadoes are very common in the United States. Why do tornadoes visit the United States more? How do tornadoes form in the United States? Let's learn together.

First of all, we need to understand the concept of tornado. The so-called tornado is actually a strong wind formed in the center of the hot and humid air flow in severe convective weather. During the formation of severe convective weather, the rising water vapor size is reduced by cold, and the gas molecules under the cloud continuously rise and supplement to form strong wind. The uneven gas supplement results in tornadoes.

In general, tornadoes are associated with thunderstorms, because they are the product of thunderstorms in clouds, and a small part of the energy released by thunderstorms. The influence range of tornado is not big, but its destructive power is very strong. The maximum wind force can reach more than 12 degrees. It is equivalent to the level of a strong typhoon.

In China, there are many tornadoes in the coastal areas of South China, especially in Guangdong, which are often attacked by tornadoes in spring and summer. Of course, tornadoes can occur all the year round, but not as much as the above time.

The United States is the country with the most tornadoes in the world. According to the data, the United States has suffered an average of thousands of attacks every year. It can be seen that the losses caused by tornadoes in the United States are not small every year. So why are there so many tornadoes in the United States? It has to do with the geographical location of the United States. The United States is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the East and the Pacific Ocean in the West. Moreover, North America has the Appalachian Mountains and Labrador plateaus in the East, the Rockies in the west, and the Great Plains in the middle. In this way, the warm current in the Gulf of Mexico will transport a lot of water vapor from the south to the mainland of the United States due to its geographical location, which provides the primary condition for strong convective weather.

In addition, the mid latitude position of the United States makes it affected by the strong subtropical high in spring and summer, and a large amount of water vapor can be said to be continuous. In this case, if cold air is encountered, then the occurrence of tornadoes is a matter of minutes.

Because tornadoes are powerful, we'd better hide in the basements of some concrete buildings, which is the safest. If there is no such basement, we should avoid the low-lying places in the vertical direction of tornadoes; If you can't find a house close to the tree, why? Because the tree has the function of wind protection, the reason why we find the house near the tree is because the tornado is powerful, and the tree will be thrown out for several tens of meters, so the closer one will be free from the damage.