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What are the YSL Lipsticks in spring and summer? Recommended mouth color for spring and summer

Spring has arrived, the temperature rises quickly, many young ladies and sisters have changed their heavy clothes in winter. In the warm spring, do we have to change our make-up? Especially the color of lipstick, change the color number suitable for spring and summer, the whole person will become clear. So want to know what color on the market lipstick is suitable for spring and summer? Let's recommend some YSL lipsticks of spring and summer series for you.

YSL 12 Lip Glaze, cut male

I give full marks for whiteness! Yellow skin people like me hate this light water color most. It turns out to be so white and natural. My wife really likes this color. Yellow skin is super friendly. In addition, its moistening degree is really good, and it's really like fried chicken. It is especially suitable for students' sister, very daily.

YSL 16, dried rose bean paste

The same white honey color, yellow skin friendly. But the 16 is dry, so remember to base with a Vaseline lip protector. Every time I apply it, I will use vanilla pudding flavor lip jelly, and then apply this 16. Temperament style, go to work sister to understand.

YSL square tube 57

It's really beautiful. It's easy to connect this color with girls. It's Rose Red + light pink. It's light ripe. It's very suitable for spring. Highly recommended! A good color to buy. Don't miss it, girls. I often paint this color at work. I like it very much.

YSL tube 55

Water red is really biased towards the maturity of the spring and summer color, personally feel very white. My yellow skin covered with liquid foundation and then coated with a little 55 has been very good temperament. It's really a push to the cold door color. After all, it's still very good to buy. It won't be out of stock.