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What is the music that tiktok is changing? Tiktok and scarf change face BGM introduction

Tiktok and scarf, what's the name of the face music? What is the tiktok tiktok, a contrast between the front and the back, the special video, the girl's face and the scarf and the change of face, and the music on the shaking face. Tiktok and scarf change face BGM to introduce.

what is the song of tiktok and the face music?

This BGM has never disappointed me! Recently, a tiktok video of a super flame has triggered netizens' imitation. Many people ask what is called "tiktok" and "scarf". Actually, this song is called guccigucci, which is a very short piece of music that the author has adapted through mixing. This song is just as magical as changing makeup, and it can't stop if it listens.

Tiktok and scarf change face BGM:

The original tiktok of this tiktok is Gucci Gucci, and the version of the jitter is remix version produced by SHUSU. At present, NetEase cloud music author has uploaded the version of the voice Gucci Gucci.

Xiaobian found the original voice of the author Netease cloud account, the name is' dirty chicken ', you go to Netease cloud music radio station to search for' dirty chicken '. NetEase cloud music is now searching for the 'tiktok' user radio station with this song.

It's dedicated to bad bitches who are not Barbie but have Princess disease. I only know that Gucci Fendi Prada likes to show off her wealth. Make up why will become mature, because deepened the outline feeling, so the immature thing is often not decorated. Make up can only be fine tuned. Many details on the face can be refined. If you are a little fat, you can look thin by wearing clothes, hair style and make-up. If you are really fat, you can only take pictures after makeup.