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Will parents' credit reference affect their children? Parents' credit reference will affect children

Now, more and more people are overdue. Many people's loan overdue, in their own credit reference left a very serious bad record. These friends with bad records want to know: will parents' credit investigation affect their children? Here, I'd like to introduce the relevant contents.

At present, poor parents' credit reference may indeed affect their children, especially those whose parents are on the list of dishonest persons by the court. From the cases that have occurred, parents' credit reference has serious stains, which will bring two major impacts on children.

1. Influence school attendance

According to the provisions of the Supreme People's Court on limiting the high consumption of the person subjected to execution, if the parents are the person subjected to execution in breach of faith, their children's education will be restricted and they can also attend private schools with high fees.

In the enrollment policies of private schools in some cities, it is clearly stated that private schools should restrict the children of dishonest behaviors from attending high fee private schools, and those who have already enrolled should immediately transfer to public schools.

In addition, some schools that require political review of their students may reject the children of dishonest persons.

2. Affect job search

At present, parents' credit investigation has a serious stain, which will also affect the employment of their children. When their children are admitted to civil servants, institutions and large enterprises, they may be rejected because their parents' credit reference is seriously poor.

Above, I introduced whether parents' credit investigation will affect their children. Generally speaking, Lao Lai, who has a record of serious dishonesty, does have a negative impact on his children. Therefore, we must protect our own credit, do not let such things happen.