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How does a child born on February 29 have a birthday? Once every four years

As we all know, I usually have 28 or 29 days in February, which is very sad for the baby born on the 29th. In recent days, there are a lot of jokes about February 29. For example, some people in the circle of friends sent three days off on February 29, 30 and 31. Another child wrote a letter to the headmaster because it was his birthday on February 29. So how to celebrate the birthday of a child born on February 29?

Indeed, February is a strange month, often only 28 days, of course, not every year. Generally speaking, there will be 29 days in February every four years, such as February 2008, February 2012 and February 2016. So on such a rare day, there must be a lot of people born in the whole country. How about the people born on this day? How do they celebrate their birthdays without 29 days?

In fact, in Xiaobian's opinion, the person born on this day is still very lucky, just like the above Hu Shiqi child. It is rare to meet once every four years, in February, and on February 29th. Do you think she is lucky? Her headmaster also describes him as a lucky child. According to the Gregorian calendar, the person born on February 29 is Pisces. Pisces has good fortune and may be easily hurt in love. This is because of her weakness in character and easy to fall into unrealistic fantasies.

In the lunar calendar, February is often not out of the first month, the children born in the first month, a lifetime of food and clothing.

So how can a child born on this embarrassing day have a birthday? As a Chinese, it's the simplest thing to have a birthday on the lunar calendar! You can't live on a day that is not a birthday, and you can't wait for a child to have a birthday every four years. It's not good. Having a Lunar birthday is the best choice!