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How does schoolgirl dysmenorrhea alleviate? Have you tried these painkillers

How to do girl dysmenorrhea? Dysmenorrhea is a symptom that bothers many female friends. Many women will have abdominal pain, abdominal distension and backache symptoms in menstrual period, and each time they are distressed, how can girls relieve dysmenorrhea? How can girls relieve dysmenorrhea.

How does girl dysmenorrhea do

1. Drink brown sugar water

If you can't extricate yourself from the pain, try drinking a cup of hot brown sugar water, the effect is very fast. Brown sugar is a very common material, which can be bought in many places. As long as you take it with a cup of hot boiling water, you can solve the problem of dysmenorrhea. Moreover, its effect is very obvious, which is the method that many female friends like. Girls with dysmenorrhea might as well try it.

2. Apply hot water bag to abdomen

Girls dysmenorrhea may be due to a cold, because girls to menstruation is very easy to catch cold, once the cold is easy to appear dysmenorrhea phenomenon. At this time, if the hot water bag is applied to the abdomen, it can relieve the pain with high temperature, which is a physical solution without any side effects.

3. Eat durian

This is the chicken's exclusive secret. Durian is a tonic for women in Southeast Asia when they have a baby. Durian is a kind of fruit which is warm and hot. It is definitely good to eat durian before menstruation. And scientists have confirmed that durian does have the effect of reducing dysmenorrhea, I believe I am right.

4. Boil Safflower in boiling water and soak feet

This is a traditional Chinese medicine to tell me, safflower is to promote blood circulation drugs, I do not say everyone knows it. After watching court dramas for so many years, the concubines and concubines in the harem use this to cause miscarriage & hellip; & hellip; I'm sorry to get away with it & hellip; & hellip; but this proves the efficacy of safflower. Dysmenorrhea due to poor blood flow, siltation in the abdomen can not stay down. So using safflower to soak feet can not only activate blood circulation and remove blood stasis, but also stimulate the acupoints on the sole of the foot. Anyway, it has many advantages, but it is still important to adhere to it. It is really effective to adhere to it. Please note: during the holiday as usual, but remember not to add safflower, otherwise you understand the consequences.

5. Drink ginger soup

Prepare a piece of ginger, some brown sugar, slices, put them into the pot together, add some water, boil the water until the water boils, and drink it hot, which can relieve dysmenorrhea and expel cold. Ginger soup is best to drink a few days before the holiday, and drink before going to bed every day, so that the stomach will not be so painful during the period!

6. Drink more hot water than cold food

In the first two days of the holiday, do not eat any cold food, pay attention to keep warm, do not let yourself feel cold. Drink more hot water every day to ensure enough hot water!

7. Wash your face with hot water and brush your teeth

Dysmenorrhea women are generally affected by cold, so do not brush your teeth and face with cold water, use hot water to wash your face and brush your teeth, which can prevent stomachache. Use hot water sooner or later, until the end of the holiday!

8. Eat hot food

Suggested dysmenorrhea friends must not eat cold food, to eat hot rice, drink hot soup is the best. The more you eat, the more painful you are advised to drink more soup.

9. Don't touch cold water during menstruation

When the holiday comes, it's better not to do anything. Don't feel that the clothes are dirty and the trousers are dirty. You should wash them with cold water. Some people say that I can mix hot water, warm water to wash clothes. Don't think so. Hands and feet are the end of the body. Girls are easy to cool their hands and feet. Don't try to be brave at this time. Even if there are dirty clothes, please keep them until your aunt is gone.

10. Don't wash your hair, don't take a bath

The reason why you don't allow your hair to wash is similar to the reason why you don't allow laundry. If you don't dry your hair and bath, it's easy to catch a cold, especially in winter, when you have a bad resistance during menstruation, you may catch a cold if you don't pay attention to it. And special period, a part of the ability to resist bacteria also weakened, this time bathing, bacteria will quietly enter, causing unnecessary inflammation and so on.

11. Don't be angry

In this special day, it's better not to be angry or cry, but to keep a happy mood. Maybe you think I'm too cautious, but there's a truth in that. And this period of time can not be scared, if scared, it will also affect the aunt's condition. Believe me, only when you serve your aunt well, your aunt will make you feel better. Otherwise, it's like I'm in bed.

12. Don't eat cold fruits.

There may be a misunderstanding that fruits are good when they are eaten, but actually fruits are also hot and cold. Fruits with the effect of moistening intestines and defecating like bananas are cold fruits. It is because of the poor digestion of cold nature that they have the function of defecation. Similarly, honey is also a cold food. The majority of female compatriots should pay attention to distinguish, do not eat the wrong fruit in menstrual period, lead to the aggravation of dysmenorrhea.

13. Don't eat ice cream and popsicles

Men for the Yang, women for Yin, girls on the body is cold, may be more vulnerable to cold dampness. Cold into the abdomen, it caused dysmenorrhea. If you already have dysmenorrhea sisters, then please do not continue to eat ice cream or iced food. Some girls can eat ice cream, and never dysmenorrhea, which can only prove that her body fire is relatively strong, eating cold food also does not matter. However, I would like to advise all sisters that Rome wasn't built in a day. If it doesn't break out now, it doesn't mean it will be OK in the future.